Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Discussion & Findings

Flipsky Unity Vesc


:joy: I get what you are saying about all this btw. I myself have blown, popped, destroyed practically every component we use and thats fine when its my bloody fault. What I get pissed off about is products (expensive products) failing because of poor quality control and cheap components. This weekend alone has seen the demise of 2 motors and a vesc(although the vesc was probably because of the motor) all of which are less than 3 months old and have almost no k’s at all. One had a bearing disintegrate because of loose can screws the other had the hall pcb come off which has destroyed the controller. As I said no real use and yet failed because of poor assembly. This is on point because I have 2 identical motors going strong still after a year on my other board. So make a product, sell a product and then once its established slowly up your profits by cutting down on quality control and componentry until the product bears no resemblance to the original. I sincerely hope that flipsky with their supposed feedback from testers address this sort of crap and deliver a product that has some sort of longevity and consistent reliability. Keep us all informed on its progress please.

I had a focbox pop a fet and destroy the PCB on first motor detect last week. There’s always going to be exceptions and even with replacements there’s always a cost in time and money.

I suppose that’s just how it’s going to be.


What voltage did you do the detection? And the kv of the motor?

It’s alive! This is by far the worst build I’ve ever done :rofl:

Yes the power button is on the side, and yes the phase and sensor wires are just having a grand old time hanging out the back :grimacing:




Just programmed it. Some notes in case anybody else goes through the same thing I did:

  • If you’re using a Windows based computer, even if you’re on Windows 10, you will likely need STM’s vcom driver. If you ask Flipsky, they’ll tell you there’s no other solution than to install some Chinese tool called “Driver Genius” in order to let it search for the right driver. The tool will find version 1.3.0. But you actually can just download the most updated version of the driver at STM’s own website: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-stm32102.html As of this writing the version should be 1.5.0 which is backwards compatible.

  • The m-USB ports were slightly loose. At first when I plugged it in, Windows didn’t recognize that there was a device plugged in. I had to sort of tension the plug in the port to get it to recognize. This was an issue on both m-USB ports. If you plug it in and your computer doesn’t recognize a device has been plugged in, you might try this.

  • Running detection on FOC resulted in some random weird motor behavior once in a while. Of particular note, flux linkage testing will spin the motor the correct way, but actually running the motor, the motor will spin the wrong way. I’ve personally never seen this happen, but if it’s common then I won’t worry too much…

Here’s a video of me doing some victory throttling.


props for creativity though. If it fits, it sits.


Great info, thanks for figuring out the quirks and providing the work around

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Great Job!! On the windows 10 driver issues I’ve found that if I restart my computer while the build is still plugged in and powered on, the next time I click connect everything works perfectly.

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Thank you!! It means a lot coming from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Flipsky actually did tell me the same thing, to restart while the vescs are on. I did that and all it did was Windows 10 complained it couldn’t identify the device plugged in :cry:After installing the driver I had to manually restart again as well. Then it worked. Very wacky

Since I bought my shop computer (windows 10) I have had more driver issues/update issues than I’ve ever seen on all other operating systems combined. 10 sucks.

We installed Driver Booster and that “kind of” helped

Yeah driver stuff really sucks especially when it’s so opaque…

Gonna do a testrun of this setup after work today, then if everything looks ok I’ll try running ackmaniac.


Looking forward to seeing the results. Placed an order… hopefully I would be able to do some 12s test next week with high amp lipos

Does anyone know the erpm limit on these?

Should be the same as the other versions of the vesc 6 right

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Should be, I’m in constant contact with Barbara so I just messaged. Will let you know when I hear back!

Thanks! Going to use some high kv motors with these

Barbara confirmed the erpm limit is 1,000,000.

Took it out today. Turns out the remote I have is trash and looses connection every so often. Have a nano v2 coming tomorrow which should be fine. I’ll take it out for a longer trip then. So far so good for these vescs though



Can pretty much gaurantee you the erpm limit is not 1,000,000. Vesc 6 is something like 150kErpm if I remember

Don’t they use fw with no limits?

1M erpm would be 70k motor rpm (1M / 14poles). that’s ridiculous.

maybe they meant 100K.

anyway, as with the remote, try the mini, i find them to be the most reliable.


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