Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Discussion & Findings

While we’re on the topic of this ESC - and to add something actually useful.

Use the code Dualesc6.6 on checkout for a $51 discount.

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I am still wondering if they are selling it for negative profit or just BOM cost so much that you can just cut down fourth of price ;D

You know the answer to this already Kugy. It’s made from rock bottom, probably half fake parts, there’s little to no QC/QA, they pay their staff enough to not perish at work from malnutrition, they don’t need a marketing budget, they put super limited R&D into this and they buy in huge bulk from nearby suppliers. It’s also probably a loss leader from a QA effort/bom cost perspective to make a name. Future models might actually get worse as they refine the process, get a reputation for being sort of ok and stop checking anything before shipping.

That’s the world we live in. With all that said, I just purchased one, lets see how it goes.


I don’t understand why the dual is more than two single. 6.6s, but so far testing on the 6.6s is showing well it seems. Maybe there’s a lot of cheap china copy circuitry board bits that are still good.

I love your style :slight_smile:

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Not sure why you have such a negative opinion of Flipsky, they are a very new player in the game and have shown that they can make some fairly capable products, especially for the price

There’s nothing personally negative in my post? It’s conjunctively factual and I suppose that could come out sounding like I don’t like what they are doing. I do like cheap esk8 electronics that appear to work, we all do! Hell I bought one of them.

There are however downsides to manufacturing that inexpensively, like wages, component quality, R&D avoidance, brand theft and many other things that are shady at best. These guys sent an email to @trampa offering to sell “vesc 6.6’s” to them using Franks own website wording in the body of the email.

I want Chinese companies to innovate or at the very least charge a fraction more and chuck some money into branding themselves properly without stepping on other people’s hard work/intellectual property. Do you think Benjamin is getting a cut of these Flipsky sales?


Oh right I get what you’re saying. The Chinese companies should actually be innovating instead of just selling the same rebranded shit. Also was unaware of them being in contact with Trampa. The one thing that I do like about Flipsky is that they are at least showing there is a market for other ESCs besides just the base 4.12 and 6.6. Hopefully in the future they can actually innovate

[quote=“brenternet, post:47, topic:67155”] Do you think Benjamin is getting a cut of these Flipsky sales? [/quote] they said they would start

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Didn’t they also say they would release the schematics, which they are legally required to do?

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Yes they did and are in the process of finalizing exactly what is required by the terms of the license. They are also having a meeting with Benjamin’s representatives to discuss the contributions as well. I would like to personally clearly some things. I’m Cory from hyper ion systems. I am the one who invited flipsky @BarbaraZ to the forum. Yes they are new to the esk8 portion of brushless motor controls for this industry, but also have a lot of experience in the drone and RC car world. They approach me and other business that sold esk8 products when they first started making products geared for rsk8. We were excited to see what they could bring to the market With at a affordable price and still maintain quality.

We also want to bring to attention that there is a communication barrier ( they are working on ) And I will chose my words carefully so not to offend. Some on the forum can be aggressive in their questioning and not to understand of some of the facts. They also have different practices and procedures than we do in the states or the uk. That should be taken into consideration as well. After I had a long night explaining evyto the Barbara and her team the have taken action on both the release of their changes to the OG design (not just copied).

As you can suspect a misunderstanding in the terms is to blame and not being prepared to answer some of the individuals on the forum. They are work on that as well.

I also want to address the misunderstanding that hyper ion systems had developed or designed a esc currently be made by flipsky. We simply like their willingness to listen and try to bring affordable choices to the market.

To address the SAFETY factor that has been brought to the community’s attention in reference to low grade components being used.

We believe in safety. We also know that nothing is 100% safe, no matter how high grade your components are. We do not simply resell escs. We test them rigorously. We want to know how it performs, how easy was the set up and it’s limits. We believe a more informed customer is a safer customer. We also believe that flipsky can bring products to the market that are safe and reliable. So far no one has “nailed it” right out the gate. The mini50 , single 6.6 and duel units will be a welcome choice for customers that.really have tight budgets ( high school and collage kids)

As a reseller it my responsibility to inform the customer of the best fit with a esc, battery and motor. To promote personal protection like helmets and pads. Safe riding and understanding YOU OR YOUR ESC ARE NOT BULLETPROOF OR CAR PROOF… Hyper ion systems will continue to advocate for these companies that try to fund a way to bring affordable choices, and quality to the industry.

Thanks , @hyperIon1 @hyperIon2


Stuff like this and them genuinely appearing to be listening to what we want gives me hope for the future of companies like flipsky.

Now we just need some precision 220 trucks for $25 And 6" hubs and tyres for $10 each and we’re golden


I want to make one some day, obviously not that cheap though lol

Would be amazing but I don’t know if guys like ronin or SZ would try and get competitive. I recall ronins pro trucks are like $300+ and I recall still even complaining about SZ trucks which were alittle over half a set of ronins lol

I bit the bullet and got a set of SZs btw lol

You have any giant motors you could bench test with? Run focopenloop command in vesc tool terminal something like 80 amps 5k erpm? Some big 6374s might be sufficient. Thats the test we’ve been running with the unity to compare different revisions. Would be interesting to see how it compares thermally. I guess ultimatley you’d need to use matching motors and supply voltage for test to be completely comparable.

Sketchy old test by @Blasto. New unity thermals are a bit better with full case installed.

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Lol, do they travel to sweden to talk with Benjamin? :smiley:

I am also curious about the quality of components if you can just cut down 50$ of the price with a coupon which is basically 1/5 of the price so either you guys are selling into negative profits are your BOM is so cheap that this kind of discounts are nothing :wink: I don’t think they went into negative profits to sell it :slight_smile:

So after 1/5 slash off the price how much they will contribute? :smiley:

If they’re able to sell a reliable product and also contribute even just a dollar for each sold they’ll get my respect. Add a dollar to the price sure. It’s still to be seen what they will do and what they’re even selling and after another month or two then let’s see


I can only pass on what I was told, and your skepticism is duly noted @Kug3lis only time will tell. I really don’t see why they wouldn’t do these things. it’s truly not worth an argument, and all your efforts to discredit them will end up only helping them produce a better product…

So thank you for your service


They’ll probably do it on the interwebs bud


@sofu Is it an Evolve Carbon GT deck? Where is the Evolve’s ESC and battery pack? lol