Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Discussion & Findings

Thanks! Going to use some high kv motors with these

Barbara confirmed the erpm limit is 1,000,000.

Took it out today. Turns out the remote I have is trash and looses connection every so often. Have a nano v2 coming tomorrow which should be fine. I’ll take it out for a longer trip then. So far so good for these vescs though



Can pretty much gaurantee you the erpm limit is not 1,000,000. Vesc 6 is something like 150kErpm if I remember

Don’t they use fw with no limits?

1M erpm would be 70k motor rpm (1M / 14poles). that’s ridiculous.

maybe they meant 100K.

anyway, as with the remote, try the mini, i find them to be the most reliable.


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Yeah seems like a typo.


If it is really 1,000,000, it is almost unlimited. I think that it is probably a mistake of 100,000.

oo the mini trigger at the cheapest price!

if it were 1 million erpm I think it would be divided by 7 to get the rpm for a 14 pole motor, flipping 7 times back and forth. 142857 maybe. a surprisingly nice round number a million.

Yeah I doubt it’s a million :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hummie are you coming to the Enertion meetup on Sunday?

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yup. see you there then. ill have to get some lipos ordered quick and glue them to a deck and get the duct tape out though since not finished my box on bottom.

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Yeah, it’s 100k erpm.



Last correction. It’s actually 150k erpm. image


IMG_20180912_190401 Will plug it in tomorrow, so far, coming from 2xTb vesc, I’m very impressed.

I’ll see you guys sunday as well :smile:


Just an update, but got the new remote today so it’s theoretically good to go. Will take it out Friday (tomorrow).


Should I use VESC tool? The app says it has to old of a firmware, and the vesc has a newer one, how should I update the app?

They probably dont even know exact erpm limit apart telling what vesc6 can handle :wink: Because not all mosfets work the same I doubt those can work the same limits :slight_smile:


all your smiley faces convey youre hoping at others failure while I think the rest of us are hoping they’re good. Flipsky seem to making a decent effort at getting it done nicely from my viewpoint and they’ve been trying to get ahold of vedder to hook him up and they talk here. its still to be seen how they will do but you cant wait and you want them to fail now!


Yeah, it’s getting pretty annoying at this point. If they don’t work well, lessons will be learned and it’s in their interest to upgrade it and fix the issues. No point in being a bully.

@Kug3lis We get it man, you don’t like it -_-