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Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 plus ESC


I have a MTB I use it with

6374 192KV BLDC

TORQUE ESC with 10S nut I burned VESC lots of time. Now I have to buy again. When I search VESC I foundDual FSESC4.20 and Dual FSESC6.6. Did anybody used them? Are they good ? Do you have a any suggestion ?

people advise to not buy flipsky

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That’s nonsense. I just bought my third one. I have a 4.20 dual, a 6.6 + dual, and a 6.6 dual. You can’t go wrong with the 4.20 dual. I’ve been running mine for over a year in harsh mountain conditions without any issues.

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and people have had a lot of issues too

Do you realize electronic speed controllers are the most delicate of all power electronics? Do you realize you can kill your ESC via your BMS simply shutting everything down while you’re giving it power? Do you realize that if your battery wires are simply too long, that it can kill your ESC?

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the million and 1 ways you can kill an ESC. It’s almost a miracle that they work at all.

For every one person that has an issue with a Flipsky ESC, there’s at least 20 people who have none.

Furthermore, If you look at those “issues” more closely, you will see that in almost every instance it had virtually nothing to do with the ESC, and was simply a cascading failure.

How about you link me to negative posts about Flipsky, and I’ll prove it. I’ve already done this on Reddit.

How about you provide an alternative to Flipsky?

focbox unity, soon torqueboards wiil come with a new esc

No way. They are known to explode mid-ride, and lock up the wheels. I literally pay more money for my Flipsky ESC’s because they are better ESC’s.

How about you link me to a valid failure of a Flipsky ESC.

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sorry flipsky fanboy, those are way better lol

Got any HackRF’s laying around? Any Pandwarfs or Ardunio’s? Just how much of an electronics enthusiast are you? I think you’re just a laymen, and you have no business rating electronics…

How couldn’t I be a fan when I’ve already field tested two of them for the past 15 months, and the only issue I experienced was overheating on the hottest day of the year when I attempted to climb an mountain on a rocky off road trail. Even in those conditions it took roughly 10 minutes of climbing a 15 - 20% gradient in which the rear wheels were constantly losing traction, because of rocks rolling under them, before it over heated. That’s in a sealed enclosure!

It was so unrealistic of me in the first place to expect it to do that with no ventilation on a 95 degree day. That was my 6.6 plus. I live in the mountains, and I climb lots of hills every day in hot whether with that 6.6 plus in my sealed enclosure- that’s incredible to me. I just don’t think you understand that we are powering an inductive, capacitive, and a resistive load, all at once. That’s black magic in and of itself…

If an ESC didn’t occasionally explode, I’d be surprised. I expect my Flipsky ESC’s to one day die- it’s just the nature of the beast. There’s plenty of dead Benjamin Vedder ESC’s- don’t think for a minute that there isn’t. The Stormcore line from Lacroix will probably become the new standard. Just listen to the interview from Jeff Freisen, the guy who built both: he sits there and tells you himself the Focbox Unity was designed to keep costs down, and he tells you he cut corners to make it…

there are so many people with issues go to the esk8 news forum, you’ll see