Flipsky dual motor kit

Hi i was wondering if anyone has anny idea if the flipsky 5055 dual belt kit is anny good? Iam goingtto be using it on a 10s 1 or 2 p 8000 mah lipos inside of a custom carbonfiber boards with a dual flipsky 6.6 esc. I hadthe idea to use these for my build since iam on a budget and tought to use these to try if i like a esk8 and if i like it switch motor mounts and motor to something bigger. Here is a long to them. https://flipsky.net/products/copy-of-bldc-belt-motor-6374-190kv-3250w

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I have heard about them, they are decent qaulity except the trucks are caliber clones, and they can snap in half. It might be worth it to spend a little bit extra and buy the stuff to build it yourself. Best budget option is caliber trucks, 90mm flywheel clones on amazon, “abec flywheel pulley kit” on banggood, 2 flipsky 6355 190kv motors and boardnamics motor mounts.

This will give you ALOT more torque and you can run sensored mode if you want. 270kv 5055 is a but underwhelming and will always need a push start