Flipsky dual plus 6.6

Hi all,

I just noticed the new Vesc from flipsky. Seems pretty neat, small, but I’m a little worried about the lack of capacitors. What do you think?

oddly enough their pictures are messed up



How are these the same :thinking:

What does it actually look like lol Just pointing it out, I don’t care either way :joy:

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In the description it talks about two models being combined. Maybe there showing the two models that have been combined :thinking:

Edit: Read it wrong there sesperate versions. Still don’t understand why one has no caps.

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I have this. It looks like the one with the caps

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No… these are two different models.

The smaller one hast just an e switch (anti Sparte) and bigger one is the „Smart Switch“ version with Push to start ect.

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Mmm I’m still not sure if both have caps. I mean, they must… no?

So have been trying to research the Flipsky dual 6.6 plus

My understanding of their pictures was it’s 2 similar products listed under the same listing.

Dual FSESC6.6 Plus based on VESC6 - Pro Switch version, this is the smaller one with the battery wires at 90 degree’s to the motor wires and seemingly no caps.

Dual FSESC6.6 Plus based on VESC6 - Smart Switch version (currently unable to be selected), power wires across from motor wires, visible caps

The Pro seems smaller but the Smart Switch with push to turn on & auto power off seems like it would be more useful.

They have a video on their youtube introducing the Smart switch version, only released 2 months ago

Thanks mate! So it seems that they went from without cap back to adding it.