Flipsky dual vesc 4.2 plus HELP

So i’ve been having some problems with my new flipsky dual 4.2 plus vesc. Originally, when updating the firmware upon the first time hooking the vesc up to the app, it failed half way through and the green light turned off on one side of the vesc. I thought it was bricked. Later when i turned it back on, blue and green lights were present on both sides. I plugged it into the app and successfully updated the firmware. When I ran the motor detection, all seemed well and both motors began to jitter and turn. However, halfway through the detection, an error message stating the vesc was disconnected interrupted the detection. The green light turned off on one side of the vesc yet again. I tried to repeat the process several times to no prevail, the vesc disconnects either during the motor detection or before that every time. I contacted Flipsky and they were little help but they offered to fix it for free if i return it. Now, before i ship it to China, does anyone have any advice or ideas? Thanks in advance.

Get rid of it and get a unity. Or focbox or stormcore or anything else