Flipsky dual vesc 4.20 dual motor connection problem

Im Having trouble with vesc tool and cant get both motors to spin ,its eithet one or the other. is there something im missing in wizard .

( sorry im sure this topic has come up before but i can’t seem to find much info on it)

are you running split ppm or CAN?

if CAN , have you got each vesc set as controller id 0 and 1? Have you also got the can bus cables right?

If split ppm, have you removed a 5v rail from one side of the esc?

if you search for these things you’ll find them.

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Running can i think . I didn’t think i would need a cable to link both vesc together as it s all on the same pcb ?

i believe you still need to set master and slave on the vesc tool

Ok i will give that a go thanks