Flipsky Dual VESC 6.6 Plus - Master died

Hi there,

I am having issues with my new Dual FSESC6.6 Plus which stopped working today after it worked amazingly well (for 6 weeks) until last weekend, when I switched it on for a short ride but just saw “-71A” current on the VX2 remote - no function of the board. When I tested, I found just the Slave channel would work, the master does not.

I tested the battery, the remote control and motors (2 x 6374) and completely re-installed the setup, however the master channel does not seem to work anymore.

Anyone an idea or recommendation? I dropped a mail to Flipsky last night already.


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It’s fucked. But it’s not too fucked. I’m sending a few flipskys to China for repair. Pm me if you wanna talk about it. :metal:

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The dual 6.6 plus is garbage . That’s why they are soooo cheap on ebay now ($154) Better to go with the standard 6.6 that has a larger footprint. Much more reliable and yes older ESC. I can’t remember the specific problem the 6.6 plus has . Was something like too much power or something not being filtered properly before getting to the motor. Google Flipsky dual6.6 plus problems.