FlipSky.net Sales

I figured I would make a thread for any time that Flipsky has a sale and people could just add on to this thread. Currently they are scheduling to have a sale on the dual 4.20.

This price is only $109 and what ever shipping would be. I know people have had issues with the 4.20 but @mmaner has posted a review and his motor settings that he has had work for him.


Remember, not all motors and settings are the same… even on build using identical motors and esc’s

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I saw that this morning and meant to post it, been covered up all day :). Good job.


True but you could use it as a guide and adjust from there

Somehow I feel that there are way too many flipsky topics haha!

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Im kinda super busy to find your thread atm, do you remember how many amps did you menage to pull from each vesc?

yea, they made a lot of eskate stuff at a very low price and everyone went crazy about them since the quality was not yet known


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Unusually low cheap sales, this is dangerous.

Usually I would agree if there was one product sold at a very steep discount. That would normally be a cut your losses and get rid of the thing scenario but this is a sale across the board so just a sale. Basic marketing using loss leaders.

Well, seems like they’re trying to clear their mini 4.20s… could be due to the several bad reviews and cutout problems.

The antispark switch is just a little add-on to sweeten the deal because it probably doesn’t cost them much to make it (they offered to give it to me for free in place of a small discount or free shipping).

My version of the site shows $51 off the 6.6 dual too.

Their dual 6.6 is almost always on sale though - till the point where im inclined to think that the discounted price is the actual price) Don’t think i’ve seen it sold at $320 in the last 2 months…

well I certainly couldn’t blame them for unloading the 4.20. Old stock needs to go before the new improved version arrives. It works its cheap. Thats the whole story really.

Yeah. Agreed :slight_smile:

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True dat. Also I need one more Vesc for my next build, I already have one Torqueboards Vesc. Should I sell the Vesc and buy the dual 4.2, or just buy another TB Vesc? What do you guys think?

By a flipsky 4.12. Like $60 on eBay and got to aus in 10 days

Low price and fast shipping are all well and good, but the more important question is do they work as advertised?

I mean are there any apparent technical limitations (in your experience of course) that a buyer ought to be aware of?

What configuration have you used them?

I have one that I haven’t put to use yet, but have hooked up to my computer and can confirm is working. Just looking at it the quality seems excellent.

As for working correctly I haven’t heard of any issues with the 4.12 version of their vesc, I can’t say the same for the 4.2 model that experiences drop outs and over current errors

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I’ve just said this in the other thread but you’re spot on. The fact that we’re discussing the possibility of issues and constraints of the 4.20 makes the 4.12 look good.

The 4.12s will give you better power, are more reliable by user accounts and can be bought on eBay for super cheap. You can even get the little cnc heatsink case for $20