Flipsky power switch fix?

I have a moderately powered dual VESC board at 40 volts, I’ve been trying to get a soft switch that works for it, but all the Flipsky soft switches are junk and fail after a few uses and stay on.

Has anyone come up with an actual fix for this yet? last time I looked several months ago it seemed like folks were trying different main power FET’s etc to fix it but it wasn’t clear if that even worked.

The rainy season is ending and I really want to get my board fixed so I can enjoy it, any help appreciated

It’s not worth fixing

Loop key. As I’m finding lately. ALL mosfet switches suck it.


Except for if it’s precharged

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Doesn’t the Unity have a good built in switch?

unity, and 100a maytech Vescs have built in switches. Pretty much the only way to go if you don’t want to Loop key

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Would something like this be robust?

I guess I don’t mind spending some coin if it works ok

this is flimsy as paper, stay away


I’ve got the regular version(not smart) and its been working nicely for several weeks now.

You have this one?

That’s the one

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I have the pro as well, no issues so far after hundreds of miles and about 6 months of use at both 10s and 12s.


I ordered the $39 pro switch, I guess I’ll find out if they really improved this thing…

Antisparks without precharge die a little bit every time you use them. It’s just a matter of when they will fail and how. I’ve had them just fail by getting stuck on permanently, and also a bit more spectacularly:

IMG_20181101_153122 IMG_20181101_153202 “Pro” Switch

The way to fix it is to redesign the switch itself, as reviewed here

But for now, the best way as @psychotiller said is just to use a loopkey.

The problem with builtin switches is that the large filter capacitors have a leakage current which is now “always on” so it could drain your battery while turned off if you left it unused for a while. It’s better to put the big filter capacitors after the switch – which means separate the switch and ESC – which means for now, loopkey is still the best option if “reliability” and “safety” are two of the factors you’re optimizing for.