Flipsky Sensor to Foxbox issue...wiring?

Hey guys, i have a sensored Flipsky motor and as i have everything in front of me it seams i cannot connect the sensor. Flipsky sensor pins dont line up to foxbox, they are much closer together… please help1545344242448451429059


Or make your own JST-ZH 1.5mm pitch to JST-PH 2.00mm pitch cable/adaptor

So i got the right connection now…but im not sure how to connect the wires… should i match the color or the order???20181222_150622

Is it a male/female adapter (two plugs) Or is it just a 2mm jst?

why you cut it like that? You can just plug the motor sensor in the adapter cable

I didnt buy the adapter…time issue. I bought1545514421886956231346 so i have to wire it myself

Its the 2mm jst, got connectors from amazon

Look on your focbox, there is written which wire need to go to which pin

Okay, i see that. From the top. Its Gnd, h3, h2, h1, temp, 5v… green is gnd, im assuming red is 5v(neg) and i hope everything else is right bc idk lol

Most important is that you get the 5V and the ground right. The sensor order doesn’t really matter. T should be the old white cable.

  • Red = 5v
  • Blue = A
  • Yellow = C
  • Green = B
  • Black = GND

From their site on another motor and white is the temp sensor. I’ve added a 10k NTC thermistor to my motors to the temp sensor works

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h1, h2, h3 are the hall sensors and their order doesn’t matter. Only the order of Gnd, 5v and temp matters From flipsky website image

Okay…so Red=5v, black=gnd, BGY=sensor, white=temp… sound right?

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That’s correct

Yep, got it wired up and tested on my board. Ran alright. Foc wasnt quite as great as i had hoped. Not all that smooth… but it programmed or whatever to Foc so thats good enough for now