Flipsky Smart Anti-Spark Switch

Is it a bad idea to just hook up a smart switch without installing the button? I’d rather not open up another hole in my enclosure and I’m thinking pushing to turn it on and waiting 3 min for it to turn off on its own is fine.

Any opinions?

I’m not sure I’d trust the flipsky one enough. Imagine you stored your board for a week or month and it somehow failed closed. It would destroy your battery.

I feel like we should all have hidden loopkeys that are accessible from the outside for a hard disconnect in the case of an emergency.


Point taken. I’d still opt not to install the stupid button, though. Loop-key + smart start FTW!

I’m not saying it has to be done without question. I think I’m just a bit conscious of batteries. Tiny bombs in my home with my kids and also a pain in the penis to replace if it all goes bad.


There was a guy that used a flip switch inside the baseplate once, you could barely see it. That might be the solution for this.

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Link? 10char

The light-up push button with oring the flipsky came with is just huge. My board already has a rocker switch installed in the enclosure, but I’d have to check if its rated for more current than what the board came with since I’m going to be drawing more current than the original design/ESC.

I don’t think it’ll be a problem, but I’m going to check regardless.

dont have one, its been a couple of years. its posted in somebody’s build thread but I have no clue who or what build it was,

With an AS switch, the switch LED is the only part that is rated for voltage at the switch. It simply completes a circuit, it doesn’t pass voltage.

I know how we all love pictures!


On the other side of this there is a rocker switch. I could use it instead of the soft switch. The soft switch shown is the one used by the Ownboard/Skullboard ESCs which are being replaced with the FSESC 4.2 dual.

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I probably wouldn’t use the button that comes with the antispark regardless. There’s been a bunch of reports of it failing under vibration.

received_261223881244124 I did mine like this, but I’m gonna be cutting a piece of aluminum to fit inside the hole and sit flush with my trucks baseplate


THIS 10 mothaf**king char

that’s a must for any board doesn’t matter what you ran you must have hard disconnect like American AC outside


I just ordered 2 of these I hope I’m not going to have trouble with these. The anti spark that a lot of you recommend is either out of business or just not maintaining the website and I couldn’t wait any longer for the anti spark. So we’ll see what happens

totally agree, loopkey a.k.a mechanical switch is a must


P/S : mine is not flipsky though

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IMG_20170411_160406 I have hidden my charging port inside the baseplate, 3D printed a small piece so it fitted nicely. I think a switch inside must be possible.


how are the flipsky smart anti-sparks doing? im sticking one on but do I need to use the button, cant I just disconnect it and use the “push start” feature? I assume so. I’ll have a loop key incase it fails.

Unfortunately all of the smart flipsky switches I’ve heard of have failed… The dumb ones I’ve heard more reliable.

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what the hell. why cant anything work. im running it till it breaks as long as when it breaks it breaks in a safe way. I assume they break in the on or off position and not a danger to break mid ride right?

got those motor parts @JohnnyMeduse and make and send to you.