Flipsky vesc 4.12 power issue

Just got my new vesc 4.12 hooked up and I’m trying to program it, when you power it on (USB cable connected to windows 10 or 7 computer) it will stay on and connected to the vesc tool for a few minutes. After that it start disconnecting and reconnecting in device manager every few seconds and the green led reflects this, blue led stays on. If you remove power wait a few seconds and then power it back up, same thing happens almost right away, the longer it is disconnected from power, the longer it will stay running. using a DeWalt 20v battery for power right now, but also tried a lab power supply from the 8v minimum all the way to 30v (PSU max) and the same thing happens. Tried every usb cable I have too lol. I’m dumbfounded by the way it behaves, seems heat related or something to do with capacitor charge time. I also am not seeing the 3 red flashes that a lot of people mentioned, is this normal?