Flipsky vesc 4.12 trouble - please help!

Hi all, I am fairly new to es8 building and seem to have blown my flipsky vesc 4.12. I am using 12s battery without antispark so I am guessing this is what caused the issue? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated! received_2402821583330931|667x500


The lights no longer turn on and this part gets very hot…?

Please can someone help me I have a dead board and no joy! I have messaged flipsky and they think it could be heat sink issues but surely the esc should have reduced the voltage to prevent damage from over heating.

DRV8302 chip is probably blown. It will need to be replaced. Where are you located?

I am in Kent in the UK, do you know what might have caused this and how to prevent it? I guess at no antispark…?

IMG_20190813_101459 here is a close up image of said chip

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That little bump on it may be a burn mark. Do you know when exactly it stopped working? Was it while you were riding or when you plugged it in

It’s more of a hole than bump, pretty sure it has burned out, it was when I plugged it in, didn’t make any strange noises just didn’t power up and the drv chip got extremely hot. I’ve been doing some reading and am pretty sure it was my bad wiring on the phase wires to the motor - it must have shorted… Lesson learned I was way eager to get out on for a ride after waiting months for parts to arrive!