Flipsky vesc 4.12 with hm 10 issue(ACKMANIAC-ESC Monitor)

Hi everyone, I try to connect flipsky vesc by hm 10 I use the vesc monitor app But it can not get any information I use Anothet non flipsky vesc connect same hm 10. It can work perfectly. Should I change the firmware of flipsky vesc?

Did you change the baudrate and set the vesc to ppm and uart?

No. Do You use the flipsky with hm 10 ?

I have two Flipsky 6.6 and they work with bt modul. Try to set the baudrate to 9600 and in your ppm settings change to ppm and uart than it should work

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So I need use micro usb cable change the baudrate Right?

Do you use ACKMANIAC-ESC Monitor?

No I use the vesc tool, but it’s the same Menü. Yes you need to connect your laptop to the vesc. Go to ppm settings. There you can change from ppm only to ppm and uart Than go to the uart menu and change the baudrate from 115000 or so to 9600. Don’t forget to upload the new settings to the vesc. After that it should work. If no, send some screenshots from your actual settings. There could be also rx and tx be mixed up, but that would be only second option, Try first to change the settings.

I have the same issue on my Flipsky vesc 4.12. I already tried another bt module. I set the baudrate to 9600. I set the vesc to PPM + UART. I checked the connections of TX and RX.

Still not working so I am thinking of trying Ackmaniac firmware instead of the standard 3.39 I use at the moment.

Will let you know if this works.

thank you I ask arcboard team. they said to upgrade the frimware to 3.4

Flipsky told me you need change the baudrate to 9600

if it´s an standard hm10 bt module it does not have anything to do with the firmware version. who ever told you that…

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that´s a good description! but nowhere written you need to update your vesc firmware… (as min i didn´t see)

3.38 Frimware cannot use vesc tool 0.95 need to 3.40

that´s right, but it has nothing to do with your bt module… the bt module will work with any fw. you just need the right service programm fitting to your installed fw to change the settings. you can use an other version of vesc tool which is compatible with fw 3.38 and than it will work too.

Seem need to upgrade the ACKMANIAC firmware it will be ok I used old vesc non-flipsky use the vesc tool 0.95 to FW 3.4 app no information use the ACKMANIAC vesc tool to FW 3.101 app with information it work in good condition

Thanks installed ackmaniac FW and I now have the data coming with bluetooth. So cool :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a flipsky fsvesc and like it? Has anyone seen any consistent issues with them?

It’s good I have no issue with it and only paid it 50€. It now works with Bluetooth since I change the firmware to ackmaniac

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Probably the best vesc for the money on the market, I got it, such a deal