Flipsky VESC dual 4.2 plus shutting off

Hi all, just finished my first build and am having issues with my vesc. I’ve done as much research as I can and am out of luck.

I did the VESC foc motor setup, adjusted my max motor current and battery current, set duty cycles to 85%, etc… took it for a short test ride and it quit working after about three minutes. I turn it on, give it throttle,it goes for a second and shuts off. After trying to adjust settings I decided to try to start over with the motor setup. It starts to spin up the motors and then the VESC shuts off. VESC tool then says “detection failed. Reason: the VESC disconnected during detection.”

Any ideas?? Could I have set something up wrong and ruined that fast?

Any help is much appreciated, I’m happy to give any more details.

Maybe editing pics in your post would help for some but personnaly i’m noob and can’t really help you with that sorry :’)

mine shuts off too but only one side?