Flipsky VESC runing FOC

Has anyone stressed enough this VESC in FOC a fair ammount of time to give a trustworthy opinion?

I’m willing to get some feedback on that too. VESC 4.12 in my case.

Are talking about the 6.6?

I would be interested in Foc on 6.6

I was talking about the v4.12, sorry about the lack of information. I wonder if it has the same robustness as a Focbox

I don’t have any doubt the V6.6 will perform great on FOC.

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I’ve been using it for a month on FOC. It doesn’t have the aluminum case.

I don’t know if this is enough stress test for it.

Single drive 6374 190kv 8-10km a day, 5 times a week for the last month or so. Rider weight 100-105kg. My usual route includes steep hills.

I haven’t had any problems with it so far. I don’t have any experience with FOCboxes so I really can’t compare them both. But I can compare these:

ESCape > Flipsky 4.12 > HK Esk8 ESC

I’m not an expert but I feel like there’s a big difference between the performance of the Flipsky and the HK esk8 ESC. I didn’t think that was even possible given they follow the same design and maybe even components… or maybe it was just faulty to begin with because the drv burnt out after using it a few times.

I only used FOC with these running dual DIYeboard 90mm hubs and had no issues so far but I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile: I even made the mistake of not disconnecting Can while only powering one of them and they survived :wink:

Sounds impressive. I think flipsky are earning a really good reputation now. They have a vedder eswitch for £13 without connectors or fuse nobody has tested. Is there a review of their motor yet?

My HK esk8 ESC is 4.10 and not 4.12 as they sell it now. It was not possible to use it in FOC as I would loose the brake and I almost died twice haha. I rapidly took of the FOC mode, however, I beleive the new HK would cope better in FOC since it is the 4.12 but I don-t own one so can-t be sure

What battery do you have? 4.12 and FOC don’t play very nicely when using a 12S battery

I’m on 10s with a 4.10. No Foc. Going pretty well, with the HK orange motor. I got used to the noise and i’m fine with it now. So much torque, And Barcelona has some serious hills. Still, I’m looking to make a dual drive soon

My 4.12 focboxes run amazing on FOC and 12s on all my boards

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What brand of 4.12? I plan on running FOC on 12s with my Flipsky escs just haven’t heard too many positive things

Please test it and keep us posted, it’s a product I’m looking forward to hear good things but nobody was done a proper testing and review

I dont have a remote yet, but am I able to do any testing with my PC? Waiting for the battery to arrive and havent had a chance to sit down with VESC-tool yet

No. You need to ride it in Foc and maximum throttle, see if it works consistently for at least a day and report back, that wouod be extremely helpful

Well when I have all the stuff I’ll do it, can’t afford to finish the build right now as my normal mode of transport decided to shit itself last night

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Still no problems so far, going steep passages and full speed on my daily ride, everything is still fine :slight_smile: (2x FSVESC 412)

12s? How many maximum battery amps?

10s3p (vtc6), max battery amps set to 22.5A each (45A total), diyeboard 90mm hubs (replaceable pu)