Flipsky VESC Setting to fix motor sudden pause issue

Hi, I am running a Flipsky VESC with a Traxxas Slash 4x4 RC car. So my application is different from the e-board, but the purpose of the VESC is the same. My car is controlled by a computer program and the program set speed and steering command to the VESC. I am part of the DIY robocar group and the car races with each other on a fixed loop track. More info can be found here https://diyrobocars.com/

I found however, sometimes the car suddenly paused during a race. When it happened, the VESC flashed red. It stopped there for a couple seconds and then re-launch and continue to run. I found the behavior is repeatable and it pretty much paused at the same locations along the track. I guess it was because it triggered some VESC limit and shutdown the motor. I am pretty new to VESC so I help you can help me with the VESC setting show in the picture. Any idea if there is error messgae I can retrieve? Is my setting OK? What is the root cause of the pause?

Thank you very much.

I would check your fault codes on your vesc and set your 100amp values to 60amp.

Thank you for your feedback. How can I check the fault code? And also why set the currently lower?

I found the issue. The fault code was FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_FET. And the temperature is out of my limit. I changed the limit to 300, the car ran fine for some time. However, got this fault code again in a few minutes. The temperature was 304. When I touch the VESC, it did not feel it was this hot. Should I change the limit 500?

Also, the VESC was wrap in plastics when I received it. Should I cut and remove the plastics?


You’ll need some kind of heat sink on there. (Removal of the plastic will help a little) Maybe a different version of vesc based controller with built in sink.

You might be able to buy a heatsink from flipsky if not then look for any 4.12 or make your own

3DServisas made these (I still have a pair)

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I found the highest temperature limit I can set in BLDC tool is 300. Is there a way to set this this limit higher, for example, 500?

Check out MICHOOBY shop, very cheap price for VESC case US$14.9/pcs