Flipsky Vesc stuttering acceleration help

Heres a video of where I am at right now. Just got everything about hooked up. I cant get the hall sensors to work, but I dont think they ever worked on my diy meepo board years ago which is where they are from.

When I slowly hit the accelerator you can see the motors just stutter, then one starts going, and the other will finally start spinning at max speed. I havent tested it on the ground yet to see if it makes a dif, because I am still building everything.

I am guessing its because of the hall sensors not working? Any idea if theres a way to test the hall sensors on a motor? I am fairly certain I wired them the right way (On the far motor) but they are not being detected.

How did you figure it out, kinda dont wanna go digging. Having the same problem when its only accelerating

I actually didn’t figure it out. After some forum searching i believe because my hall sensors are not working which causes the stuttering, but once it gets going it’s perfectly fine till it’s a complete stop. I also can’t figure out how to get my hall sensors working or even figure out if they work at all. I read some post about checking the voltage on the hall sensors but I need some finer more precise points on mine to check… I’m planning on upgrading to a mountain board setup so I’ll just go without hall sensors till then, unless anyone can offer any advice.

@yulaw2k To check the hall sensors: Supply 5v to the red and black wires. Then, one at a time, probe for voltage between ground and the hall wires, while slowly rotating the motor. You should get a signal that alternates between close-to zero (0-0.5v) and close-to-VCC (3-5v) on each of the three hall wires as you rotate. If so, then your halls are good. If not, then they’re either dead or not wired in a manner I’m familiar with.

Oh man, thanks alot! Thats a great and clear explanation.

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