Flipsky Vx2 never used only tested

Price-$75 shipped. I paid $95 a few days ago for it

Selling this VX2 by flipsky because Mboards won’t reply to my emails for me to return

-great remote feels good in the hands great throttle feel to it. I just did not know it doesn’t show live data from the UNITY but it does function as a remote

I’ve seen a lot of different versions of this floating around, is this the color screen? bright or dim?

Not the colored screen. And I’m not sure if it’s bright or dim.

Don’t know if you can tell by the picture

I believe just the colored screens come in the bright/dim variety. Only one brightness for the monochrome that I’ve seen. Wish you’d posted this a couple weeks ago, just looking for a colored screen v now. glws though!

Is this still available?

Yes it still is

Someone has to need a remote

What is the screen for if it doesn’t show live data ?

The live data just isn’t compatible with the unity. It is with other speed controllers

Come with reciever?

Yes it is. It’s also in the picture as in the box

Still available

The color display screen VX2 Pro is compatible with Unity. For this black&white screen suitable for esc only based on vesc