Floating board? Keep on Dreaming on! That's how the future is made! 🌈

Trying to create something a lil different. I’ve done a ton of research on magnets and electromagnetics. Just can’t find a good enough explanation to obtain any real results. Yes I know how to build a small electromagnetic but can get it to repel anything. Question 1. is how can I get two electromagnetics to repel each other. 2. How could I use an ESC to control the strength and polarity of an electromagnetic. 3. Is there away to controls the force of a permanent magnet so that two permanents repel at a greater force then lessen the force. 4. How big does the electromagnetic need to be in order to run it off 18 or 36v. 5. My plan is to get two boards to repel each other so the top floats attached on an Eboard as a suspension

Thanks for any input this community can give me. BTW yes I’m attempting a real to life hoverboard

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People have done but it but it requires a metal floor and lots of liquid nitrogen.


A look at how much work it takes to get a small test ride.


Lexus tried it first and this is as far as they got.

Not trying to be a downer, but I find it hard to believe anyone here could do such a thing. Im sure they had oodles of money behind this :man_shrugging:

That being said… I look forward to whatever you come up with x)

@venom121212 you really beat me to it by a second :roll_eyes:


Hendo had a kick starter for one as well if you’re bored and want to read about it

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I feel like I remember seeing one that used magnets but it didn’t have an onboard power source and was basically tied to the ground by the cable for power.

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Yeah… such project is a little too complicated to be done by a single person, not a professional and without the funding of a company to support him…


I would love someone to invent (or sell if been done already) electro-magnet snowboard bindings. This would enable real-world SSX Tricky shredding :slight_smile:

DIY hoverboard using electromagnetism is almost certainly out of the pockets of non-corperations - unless you’re a lottery winner…


So obviously I have researched a lot of designs and variations @Balta_6 what does me being one person have anything to do with it. Also I may not be a pro in your standards but I don’t need that kinda title to attempt big things and ideas.

Now I am not going with a hendo or Lexi’s design. What I am attempting is to get two skateboards to repel each other, obviously connected in some way so they dont fly apart or spin around. The idea is that the board on the bottom has wheels and the top board hovers on top as to almost provide an interesting suspension. Obviously the bottom would be a Eboard.


Psymon all day


You got to stop drinking the bong water bud


Also for those that think I need a million dollars to create electromagnetics. I can build 200lbs mags out of a microwave. The thing is how to get them to repel with a some kind of regulator to control the repel force.

your ‘plan’ wasn’t mentioned at the start of this, leading everyone to assume you wanted to be Marty McFly or something !


Sorry it’s early and I didn’t put that in there.

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No it’s called a joke. Just pointing out that you came up with an idea that mostly only Stoners would come up with


That I can agree with. I’ve had tough night and a shitty am so I’m not in the mood for banter sorry @Skunk I know you’re just messing around bro. Like I said bad few days

You don’t need to flag it bro.

No worries dude. Everythings a joke. Especially me.


No but really you should try palm leaf wraps.


Nah not upset just thought he calling me dumb lol. Anyway yeah I’m working on it rt now actually I seriesed some D batteries for a mini prototype I’ll post pics when the mini is done. I’m looking for tech decks but they don’t sell them at my Walmart and we’ll toy r us in not around anymore atm. So I may just use my carving skills and make two mini decks.