Florida law , cops and eboards

That’s a great idea. I’m in Ft. Lauderdale it would be cool to have a group down here.

I was riding downtown Orlando and a cop bull horned me and told me to get on the sidewalk. Said that the road is for motor vehicles. Makes sense cause bikes have human motors…Maybe he didnt see my lil motor powering my skateboard. I think e-skateboards are very new that LEOs don’t know how to treat them.

I’ve been riding now for a few weeks here in Florida with no issues. I usually ride in the bike lane.

For those wondering, it is not illegal to ride an eskate in Florida, if you can register it…

The “motorized scooter” definition in statutes covers us in most states, but Florida’s requires there to be “no more than 3 wheels.”

There is no law prohibiting eskates which is good. But according to the law, an asshole cop could cite you for “operating an unregistered” motor vehicle, which is the only definition an eskate fits under.

sounds like everyone is being cool about it though. Unless someone hurts a pedestrian or whatever, it shouldn’t come up.

also you can just kick, push, and coast when you see a cop…

I go to group rides all over Florida for eskate and onewheel, the only time I’ve ever been bothered was in St.Pete when we had east coast/west coast meetup. 50+ riders, the cops didn’t know what to do

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I have issues with officers just stopping me for no reason at all. It is starting to become tiresome, i’m not sure if they just don’t like seeing people on e boards and don’t know how else to go about it, or if it is that they don’t like seeing a brown guy flying down the road doing 25 on a skateboard. lol

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I live in Sanford Fl and I commute 8 miles to work every good weather day. So far so good. I have not had any issues with cops yet. I have read guys say pretend to kick but when your doing 24-30mph its a little hard to pretend kick. I cringe everytime I see a cop but so far so good. Last thing I need is some high strung bored cop taking one of my boards

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