Flowdeck X – SoFlow's New Electric Longboard Unboxing and First Ride

Stary 1.5? :rofl:

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It looks like you got a bunch of free boards or something and are marketing for these companies?

Woah, how did you change your comment without editing? Coulda swore you was blacking on the guy unless that was someone else who comment got deleted.

magical hacks dude…

I was wondering the same! The original post was a bit salty :wink:

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lol if you edit it soon enough after posting it doesn’t show the pencil. i think it’s there in case people make grammar or spelling mistakes

This is like having a forum section dedicated to the dark side in the Jedi forums…it makes no sense…STOP THE SPAM!!!

I would be interested in these board if they have a kick tail and range greater than 20 miles. :mask:

How can he claim that it’s carbon fiber deck. It’s probably wood wrapped with glass fiber…

Yeah that’s what you would like it :grin:

I’m surprised bud, we’ve done business.

I’ve not received anything from any skate company. To put it bluntly, I have no need.

Folks, we have a section here for pre-builds. If you don’t want new forum members posting links on what the competition is up to - why have it?

not a single prebuilt “competes” with 99% of builds here :wink:


Is for different market buddy

I was quoting what he said… he said “what the competition is up to” as if they were challenging our boards…


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Raptor 2, bro :slight_smile:

It’s fine, guys I’ve tried to contribute positivity yet it’s clear this isn’t a good fit. Wishing Derek Maseuli well was my first post. Good man.

Thank you builders for your invaluable advice. You guys truly reignited a love of skating for me.

To those I’ve bought stuff from (lots of stuff haha) thank you for your honesty. You’re good people.

Wishing you all every success and safety in your plans to take esk8 up and to the right. :slight_smile:

Sincere regards, Karl


I see nothing wrong with posting an unboxing review of a new pre-built in the pre-built category. This is the sort of thing that this category is for. Neither would I call this a spam post.

@topcloud Thank you for your contribution. As far as I can tell, you did everything right.


Dude, I understand that you’re young, but so many posts of yours are unnecessarily snarky. Dial it back.

Did he specify “the competition” as meaning DIY boards? No. There are TONS of other pre-built boards out there. That is the competition.


I appreciate the upload! I’m a DIY guy myself (love my two boards… a third is on the way!), but I have a few friends that I’ve gotten into esk8, but don’t have the knowledge/skills/time to do a DIY board, so I’m always looking for new pre-builts that might be good for them.

If you wind up doing a followup video, please post it! I’m curious about the range on a full charge.

its not just him…I asked why we’re talking about this here when electric-skateboard.club exisits in another one of the threads about pre-builts. I honestly think most people are not interested. I also, honestly, think its a better fit at the Club…hence my question.

I cant think of a single below $500 pre-built board that would last 90% of the people here more than three months. The quality is low, the completed product is typically problematic, and parts are almost non-existant unless you re-engineer the whole thing.

So lets ease up on calling people out for doing something that 20 other people have done and still havent gotten an answer too.

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I was referring this, as well as various other threads where I’ve seen him go out of his way to simply post snark, rather than answering questions and/or being helpful.

Anyway, in response to what you’re talking about, see a couple posts up:

Whether these boards last or not is another topic. I don’t find anything wrong with using a section called Prebuilt Esk8 for exactly this. It’s not the topcloud’s fault that this is here. Whether or not this section should exist, or if this belongs in .club… is not a discussion for this thread.