Flying United Airlines with batteries?

Has anyone here had any success taking their batteries on United Airlines flights?

The United website says that they allow batteries up to 160Wh as carry-ons in “most cases,” but I have no idea if an esk8 battery falls under this category.

I am considering carrying on a 144Wh battery and checking in the disassembled electronics/drive system of my board, but would this be too risky? Some of the posts on the forum mentioned that United has banned electric skateboards on flights, but I’m not sure if carrying components falls under this restriction. (btw if there’s even a chance that they’ll confiscate my stuff I’ll probably just leave it home)

I flew to Hawaii with a battery that only had the info written with sharpie on Alaska and flew back on United. No problems at all

This again. If the battery is a diy then no. For your own conscience. If its a pre built like a boosted pack and it falls within their guidelines then fine.


You can always just ship the battery there and back? Edited - don’t actually do what I said!

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Thats not really smart

I never said that I recommend it :wink: honestly I would just ship the pack over early or not bother.

Don’t just slap a sticker. Ship it there and back. If something happens, all airlines might ban batteries onboard

It’s a prebuilt pack if that makes a difference, but I bought it from a budget China board site so I’m not sure if it has the same level of “reputability” as a boosted one.

If it is under the maximum rating then it’s fine. Otherwise it’s not. It’s pretty clear cut for you then :slight_smile: worst case just call the airline or send them a pic?

In most cases its not the airlines but TSA security that’s going to stop you. Imagine what battery cells look like going thru an xray machine. Why dont you just check it.

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