Flysky GT2B vs Hobbyking GT2B?

Is there any difference between the Flysky GT2B and Hobby King GT2B? Where do you guys get your GT2B from?

Its the same thing same internals different branding

Exactly the same, I actually created a thread about this a while back

When looking for a controller i was asking myself the same question. But as they said, the same thing. I went with FS because I could source one from a local supplier rather than back ordering the one from hobbyking which was out of stock at the time.

@Pablo_702 @JLabs @racidon That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure. Average cost seems to be about $22-28?

Yes and dont forget to get a mod for it, its super relible but bulky i just ordered the @mastercho mod for it for $25 on

Yeah Amazon seems to be the cheapest with 2 day shipping

definitely go for it, I had no troubles with it for the 20minutes I rode before my vesc was fried xD (another issue) if you order a pre-configured VESC from enertion though I would suggest adjusting your PWM signal values as I think my FS GT2B min was about 0.8 and max was about 1.9

@Pablo_702 I am going for the @MasterCho mod. @racidon Getting VESC from @chaka

Cant go wrong with those 3 products Chaka vesc Gt2b Mastercho mod

I have all 3 of them and love them

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do you know if chaka have them in stock? :slight_smile:

He should be catching up, hes planning to go back to same day shipping like before, even if they are not in stock hes still one of the fastest one and quality by far the best one same as warranty just search ollin vesc and youll see all the happy customers there is