Flywheel 48 tooth wheel pulley download CAD, and STL

I’ve working on this for a week, have gone through 5+ designs and this is finally a workable version. I wanted to model it off of the Enertion pulley’s idea where it has its own bearing, and just slides in without being bolted on. I made it a 48 tooth pulley because on my my set up it gives me a 29mph top speed with good torque (10s 213kv duel set up). It should be strong enough to create out of PLA filament if you use the m3x20 screws for added support, Ive been using it using cheap WYZ PLA with good results at 60% infill. You won’t need supports for the 9mm wide model, but the 12 and 15mm models will probably need supports. It is currently modeled to be a 48 tooth pulley but wouldn’t be hard to remodel it with less teeth. I made it on rhino 3d for Mac, and can provide any CAD formats you need so it can be opened on your software. Let me know if you make it!


  • Integrated bearing spacer so wheel bearing can’t move or fall out of the hub
  • Strong design by using 6 20mm M3 screws to strengthen the hub connection
  • 48 teeth
  • Made for 97mm Flywheels, But will work on other sizes. I recommend 97 or larger to have enough clearance between the ground and the belt. They don’t work on my 97mm Blank flywheel nock offs (the hub attachment doesn’t slide in) *made for a 9mm, 12mm and 15mm belt


  • About 70g-80g Pla, Abs, or Petg
  • 6 20mm M3 screws for added support
  • an extra wheel bearing.




Great job! Just a heads up, these pulley will work with any size flywheel, not just 97mm

Thanks for the info, just edited it

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:slight_smile: glad I could help

Can you also add the same pulley for 12mm and 15mm belts?

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Yeah I can! I’ll draw those up tomorrow afternoon and post on thingiverse.

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Is there a retainer on the outside for the bolts? I guess I don’t understand how they add support.

Bolts are there for structural integrity I would say. For these type of wheel pulley you need to file down the truck to make room for extra material next to the wheel (it is press fit).

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@Ackmaniac Just updated the thingiverse page with the 12mm and 15mm wide models, if you need any other file formats just ask, or if you want me to modify the design to fit your trucks better. They will probably require supports but I haven’t printed them off myself yet. @SilentException you are correct about the the bolts just being used for supports. Also if you use MBS ATS trucks and 10mm bearings you don’t need to file down the trucks. @Colson003 heres a picture of showing how the screw extends into the hub of the wheel. I decided to do this because the first models sheared off the teeth in a ride (it was printed with PLA and thats probably why). Now with the screws I have 80+ miles on PLA pulleys without any cracks or noticeable wear.

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@JohnA could you make a 21mm version?

@Deckoz yeah I can sometime this week. Want it exactly 21mm or do 21.5mm?

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21.5 would be good :wink: any chance you can share it as a Step file too?

@Deckoz Yessir I can do that!


Hello, I was wondering what motor pulley and belt you used for this project. Thanks!

@Deckoz Sorry brother, I was busy this week!! updated the Thingiverse with a DWG, STL and STEP file of a 21mm version (21.5mm actually). lemme know how it works and if you need any there formats! @ggalisky im currently using a 300 tooth HTD 5M belt, but you should use the calculator here and you can use your mounts dimensions to decide belt size. I got my 9mm wide motor pulley from someone on here, but you can get them from diy @torqueboards, or others on here. I would opt for a steel motor pulley because the aluminum ones wear down quickly.

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Thanks @JohnA looking good :wink:

@Deckoz this winter im going to remake it so it works best with the Surfrods RKP trucks, so keep an eye out. And im going to have different tooth sizes, so lemme know If you have a specific number you would want.

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I’m actually planning on using it on syrfrodz rkp 200mm hangars with 80mm axles.

@Deckoz Hell yeah, I just ordered them for the 25% off deal today. But I only saw the 70mm… but that will be plenty even when using sk3 6374motors that are 84mm wide. However with a 21mm pulley you’ll need the extra length

Yeapp. BTW the axles are just class 12.9 shoulder bolts, m8 thread, 10mm shoulder diamter * whatever length. Can get them from

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