Flywheel 90mm Motor mounts and pulleys,

I’ve been on the forum for about 2 months looking at builds asking questions and i got the whole electronic part solved ( I think ) And i already have a longboard

And I don’t mind filing here and there on the trucks (and solder welding) I Learned on this forum the benefits of bigger wheels so i added in 90mm flywheel clones into my list,

I live in Europe so Torque boards is not a favorable option for me, I like the Hobby king motor mount it seems like i can file and clap on, instead of fully filing down my trucks, Would it work with my motor?

Iv’e also been looking at ebay for flywheel Pulleys and they all have 3:1 gearing which i’m not a fan of, Any advice on length, Teeth count etc?

Any help would really be appreciated, David Thanks. has pulleys belts and everything you need for that part.

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The keda motor fits the mount :wink:

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I have this mount and that keda motor. For it to work, you need 2,5mm of washers between the motor and mount because of the circlip. The shaft hole is too small for the circlip to rotate. And you need around 17mm of M4 Allen head bolts. This mount doesn’t fit caliber trucks. You can check my post about it. But adding a wedge/washers or filing the clamp, it works. If you buy turnigy trucks and replace the bushings, everything will be bolt on and no modifications required. If you need, i can send pics of motor mounted

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Are you sent from heaven?

I would like Images or links, What pulley system should i use with it?

Why should it not fit caliber trucks? I use the motormount to and using caliber trucks. Works perfect for me :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the photos! makes this a whole lot easier.

What belt system u using?

This is my experience @Blitz:

This pulley kit any good?

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One of the best you could get

It is very good. Don’t get the eBay China one. The pulley is horrible

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OK thanks i hope he will ship to Ireland If not what else do you recommend?

Everything on the eBay China ones are great but the motor pulley. It’s like aluminum/plastics literally has no density to it. Just find a motor pulley from a motor pulley site. I got a pair for cheap that were 15t

So you recommend get a whole kit off Ebay and buy 15t motor part somewhere good,

Where would i buy 15t part?

Also the motor i want has a round shaft and no keyway,

Would it work if i just filed Shaft and not drill keyway?

eBay has them for like $6

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3D printer Timing Pulley

You sure that would work?

Shipping is overpriced to Ireland and the motor i want does not have hole through the poll

Motor Pulley -

You can ask to add grub screws and keyway for a few extra bucks. And its in the UK so cheaper shipping for you.

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@Blitz I used 3 washers between motor and mount to allow circlip to rotate. With a 15mm pulley, you get around 5mm of pulley protruding from the shaft. I used 20mm Allen bolts. I used 40mm holes to mount it.