Flywheel centering on 83mm Flywheel

For the life of me I cannot center these things. I have 83mm Flywheel clones and bought the DIYE pulley kit: I did notice when i tightened down the DIYE pulley set the top plate crushed in. It is not the best.

But what is the best way to center this thing please? Anyone have any good experience or can you suggest a different pulley mount setup for the 83mm Flywheel types that is much better and more reliable?

Appreciate it !


That is a blatant copy of the DIY electric pulley set. If the top plate has deformed you won’t be able to centre it at all.
As @Jake2k17 said the BKB ones are a great option or buy the real mccoy from @torqueboards.

Thanks, i just snagged a BKB… wish they had the motor pulleys in stock :frowning:

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