Flywheel compatible pneumatics

Are there any pneumatic wheels available which are 100% compatible with Flywheel pulleys?

Carvon has these but I can’t find them anywhere:


I was also wondering how they managed to pull this off. It is hard to see what is really going on but my version was that they have some sort of adapter for the hub maybe.

Otherwise they look like some sort of MBS tires hubs .

Maybe they got the right shape for their motor ‘adapter’ so that it also ‘catches’ the spokes of the hub…

Nice that you brought this out by the way :wink:

I asked and those are still not available. They will be making them they didnt give a specific time frame. Exclusively by them


That was my guess, custom order wheels

Yea atleast thats what they said and that was back in late march. When they responded to my email about that specific hub. I believe i asked if they where Trampa, Mbs, or their own personal hubs and of course they are custom. Specifically for their new boards and the carvon V3

Jerry told me a while ago that he was getting out of the parts business which is a bummer for Diyers. So unless he changes his mind, we are gonna be left drooling.

hah someone as good needs to come in their place now :smiley: otherwise there will be a hole for parts, right? :smiley:

Do you think the hubs were their most ‘liquid’’ item?

Probably so but i think they where too expensive for many e-board budgets

I hope they atleast make this come out for an AT set up hopefully atleast for their boards. Thats the only reason i baught the Carvon V3. Now just waiting for shipping and these wheel


Torque would suffer significantly. Thats the reason evolve use a 66tooth pulley for their all terrain wheels. using the same 36tooth pulley would limit hill climbing ability drastically.

did you order a complete board from Carvon?

No i only baught the v3 hub motor from them. But i had asked if they had the AT wheels before i did. Lol lets just hope they make them


Funny, when I asked about buying just the V3 hubs, he told me he was getting away from selling just parts.


Hey @Michaelinvegas has Jerry mentioned if this magical wheel is still in his safe and potentially coming out? Obviously his EVO and REVO isn’t selling as well as the drive we all drooled over. I’m sure we would all buy it from him if he sells it.

How on earth can you use the same gear ration for such vastly difference sized wheels!. Im using a gear ratio of 80/15 for my 200mm pneumatics.

Dont know honestly…i def think he should try to use @psychotiller Six Shooter wheels


Yeah I’m looking at making my first pneumatic. Probably a dual 6374. The Boosted board’s gotta go when the battery comes in. The so called extended battery is just sad

be so inefficient with those big wheels on a small hub motor though. surely theres a more appropriate diameter motor that is paired with such a big wheel somewhere on alibaba

is not a hub motor

ok direct drive. I’m saying it’s a narrow motor for a giant wheel as was said. was just looking on aliexpress and theres a bunch of similar sized true hub motors. they aren’t intended for a skate truck but maybe could be modified.