Fml... white smoke

Got the white smoke omw home and idk what happened It was riding fine, I was on flat straight road, I wasn’t even gunning then it lost power so I stopped to pull the loop key and heard popping sounds from the case and now I’m scared to open the aluminum case

better than black smoke

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you got a short somehwere, open it up right away and take care of it before it gets away from you.

look up esk8 fires.


I know… I pulled the loop key and the battery the short is on the vesc which is inside of kug3lis aluminium case… I just hope it d idnt kill my spare which is mounted as well but not in use :frowning:

Just got home after pushing a 10s5p on a Hummie deck with 100mm wheels

Welp… this baby is fried… wtf… I’m glad I bought a spare… but fuck



Damn, that sucks

“but fuck” is right dude. Bummer.

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Yea… c37 broke…

good call to get a spare!

heartbreaking it is! nothing worse than the smell of burnt electronics :tired_face:

Especially when they are sealed in a aluminium box and u open it and the smell instantly fills the room

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And it would have been a good call if i programmed it 1st xD… i literally couldnt use it because i havent done the initial setup… so I had to kick my way home

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