FOC at 12S anyone?

I agree with @Chaka on android. @Ackmaniac think has a pretty solid offering. On iOS, I haven’t been convinced by any of them. The best one requires you to buy the Bluetooth module from him.

I’d love to do an iOS port of @Ackmaniac’s if he’ll send me the source :wink:

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@longhairedboy I bought a few of these last year to use with my 4.12 VESCs, but then I chickened out because I thought that the fragile USB port on VESC 4.12 would snap off if introduced to any additional stress or vibration from the cable. I never got around to finding a mounting solution for them, so if ya got one :slight_smile:

I actually think that could be a good thing! There are a lot of features in BLDC Tool that a typical user doesn’t use. I’ve seen hundreds of forum posts here where the questions is “what do I do for ___ setting” and the answer from other forum members is “don’t touch it!”

That would be ideal, yeah. So basically on ios the state of things really hasn’t changed at all this past year. I have an ASUS and an LG tablet so i’ll probably just test with those guys for now. I would be more conveninet to iuse my iphone but whatever.

I have a few HM-10s in a drawer now that i think about it.

@Ackmaniac 's stuff is something i’ve been trying to get around to fully evaluating but i haven’t had the chance. Does his software require a firmware update on the ESCs? I thought I read somewhere that it does.

An app for IOS that actually fucking works needs to happen. It doesn’t seem to be a limitation with the HM-10s since that’s basically just a BT to serial converter. It seems to be a limitation of determination and mission.

You can still adjust everything but you need to stay within the pre-configured maximums. 100 amp motor max, 150 absolute max… etc

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By my understanding It is a limitation because of how well FOC sends power to the motors. In BLDC mode, there’s a lot of spikes (and they’re not always sent at the best time compared to the position of the rotor) and motors respond to that with torque. In FOC, it’s much closer to a perfect sine wave (i.e. fewer spikes) that is sent at the perfect time, and so it’s much smoother, but you also loose the torque bump (which means speed on the high end) caused by that spike. That’s also the reason for the difference in sound.

Or ignore me and just read this :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining that in terms i can actually understand and use to explain to other people when they ask.

IT makes total sense now that you say that. This may explain why i’m enjoying hybrid mode so much. the spikes still happen, but the timing of them is likely much better.

You can use his app with 2.18 firmware but you will not be able to make changes wireless. You need to upload his firmware if you want to use all the features.

@Ackmaniac any chance you can make the app log and store mileage like an odometer to see mileage over the lifetime of a board? It would need to be a transferable file so nothing is lost when switching to a new phone.

That odometer functionality is a must. And holy crap what if you could also store that data in the board and reset the odometer PER COMPONENT? My motors have about 300 miles on them, the ESC is fresh and only has five… but the pack has 210 charge cycles according to that smart BMS somebody is inventing that talks to the UART, so its time to…

Yeah. That needs to happen. Modular onboard log storage as well as in your phone with the onboard data being the master in the sync process since its constantly receiving write requests.


Yep it’s actually pretty simple, just go to his thread and follow the Dropbox link to download the files. You’ll get a modified BLDC tool and f/w. Use the special BLDC tool and flash the 2.54 f/w to the vesc in the normal manner.

(FYI there’s a bug with the osx client where it’ll crash when the vesc reboots, this will happen when you flash. For me the vesc flashed successfully but it did give me a scare)

OSX and windows? or linux too? Sorry, i know i should RTFM but i’m rapidly switching between this and actual life stuff right now and need to know all the things.

Yep. Available across the board. I’ve personally used it on all 3 systems (Mac principally, and virtual machines of ubuntu and Windows 10)

So what’s the consensus? Has anyone had success with 12S and FOC?

I have 12S on my Trampa, but I’m not confident to try even with my Focboxes.

Why not? I don’t see what the issue would be? Isn’t this tried and tested already?

I use 12s and foc always. been good to me. I run at very low erpm with hub motors though and that’s probably why vesc 4.12…and other 4s

Does anyone has news on FOC @12s? With all these posts of focboxes blowing up I’m getting kinda worried.

How low erpm is very low? Like 40000 or less?

I forget exactly what I am at with hub motors but had done the math before. less than 40000. voltage x kv x 7 I think gives you the erpm for a 14 magnet motor. 50 x 100 x 7…35000 I think.


FOC @ 12s began to cutout on me when trying to accelerate from speeds around 3mph, switched back to bldc no problems

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