FOC box braking force increases at low speed

Hi all,

Ive been trying to get smoother braking on my 4wd board with out much success.

Braking from high speed works well but once the board has slowed down to about 5 mph, the braking force increases abruptly.

Ive increased and decreased motor braking vs regen and havent been able to get rid of the issue.


Brake settings:

Motor min: 30A Regen: 12A

Have you try @Ackmaniac software… because it can give you the opportunities tu create a special curve for you brake or acceleration.

Guess you are using BLDC mode. Set this value to 500 and try it again.

So my firmware doesn’t really make a change here. But with my firmware you could set up different acceleration and brake power for the front and rear axle. Let me know if you are interested. Need a test guinea pig because i don’t have a 4WD (yet :grin:).

I havent tried yours actually but would love to. Sign me up please!

I will give the brake erpm settings a try and report back. Thanks

@JohnnyMeduse thank you.

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