FOC brakes cutting out

I set up my vesc in FOC mode and I love how smooth and quiet it is, but the brakes are acting a little weird. If I start to pull back the throttle on my nano remote, it will slow down, but if I brake all the way the motor screeches a bit before cutting out and coasting. any idea how to fix this? It is a safety hazard and an annoyance

Is your battery fully charged? If not, post your settings.

I’ll post my settings tomorrow. Hopefully we can find something.

i think @longhairedboy had the same problem on his boards, maybe he can tell you why and how he fixed it.

i’m not running in FOC, still BLDC. I’m about to switch to sensored hybrid BLDC though as soon as some sensored motors arrive that i want to try out.

I ended up bumping the absolute batt max up a little and for some reason that mitigated most of this effect for me, but it still happens on occasion on my test board. I think something else is going on in that board though. I’m about to have some wireless real time diagnostics happening on that board though so maybe i can figure it out some more.