FOC compatible vesc

Im looking to buy any vesc that can do foc, my budget is a lite low so i cant pay more that 100 usd maybe 120 usd if shipping is cheap because i live in argentina.

foxboxes go for that here from time-to-time. that would be the way to go I think with built in heatsink

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Running FOC with dependability is the trick. There is a reason why Enertion’s Vesc is named FOCbox Beware of false economy. A cheaper Vesc is not really cheaper after you burn it up running FOC and then have to replace it.

At the end of the day, the Focbox is a bargain even at $150 ea. Before the Focbox came out, I was paying $180 ea. for my Ollin Vescs.


yes idealy a focbox would be mandatory, but usually they are out of my budget. i was thinking of using a non focbox with foc but liminting current to 40A and switching frecuency to 20-30mhz instead of the standard 40mhz

If a Focbox is out of your budget then I would highly recommend that you forget about running FOC and run BLDC instead. Limiting motor current to 40a will reduce torque greatly. in BLDC mode you could run 80a motor current.

I’m a little old fashion, I still run non sensor motors in BLDC mode and push off with my foot from stops. I have found the noise to be helpful in alerting bikers and hikers of my presence when coming up from behind them.

Thats a good idea, never thought of that, i am interested more in foc for the torque than sound because my city is in a hill and every street has some angle. Does bldc mode has more or less the same torque? Maybe an hv esc would end up been better for my case.

“old fashion”


Thats even worse than people saying they’re old skool when listening to Eminem and such


Old fashion is older than old school


FOC is really overrated. unless ur using mountainboard to go from dead stop, it is not worth the risk. it’s not just burning risk but it can halt u middle of 20mph and eat dirt.

if u want u should get focbox or vesc6 design even then focbox turns off if u push them too far

but looks like those are over budget

I have not run FOC myself but from what I’ve heard, BLDC give higher performance FOC is quieter and smoother

Setting higher motor amp max gives more torque. Even going from 60a to 80a gives a noticeable increase. Using a HV ESC instead of Vesc is not a good idea. Vesc beats all other ESC’s hands down in overall functionality.

Back in the day I used to run BLDC CEE DJ Kool Herc and my man Spoonie Gee GEE Took off with a push like my homie Kool Moe Dee DEE Never went New school, never ran F - O - C CEE


This is just too good :joy::joy::joy:

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dual 6374 motors are also a good choice when you have lots of hills. I have 2 builds, one with dual 6355s and one with dual 6374s The 74’s climb hills much better especially at slower speeds.

I don’t know how good these are but they are on sale.

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BLDC=immediate torque FOC=smooth start up, not very torqy. u need sensor if u want torque

esc=great for low budget+lipo battery+6~8cell.

  • it will give u more torque per motor with cost of jerky start up. usually they r rated for 150amp so if thats what u want go for it. BUT braking isn’t good for fast set up.

If I were u I’d get meepo they use FOC

Was about to search there haha, i hope they are good for bldc mode since foc doesnt have any advantage to me

Any Vesc can handle BLDC mode but I can’t say if they are dependable or not. They are fairly new in the game. Just use motors around 190kv and 10s voltage

Nice find, out of stock in the EU @€53.23…nice price

It says they are tested with foc and latest firmware…but they are v4.10. In saying that, IIRC it’s a trace and a capacitor in the difference, not sure how you would circumvent the trace difference?

Went to checkout and it was already out of stock in usa… damm they are fast

If you buy a cheap ESC you will probably cook it and end up spending more than if you just bought a better one the first time. Also, don’t use FOC or 12S if your budget is so tight. That’s also likely to lead to burnt controllers.

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