FOC for my first time.. VESC 4.12 DRV Error... FoCMe

Here are all my settings, I ran FOC for my first time yesterday, and within 2 hours got the infamous 8302 error… I was really enjoying the smooth acceleration too. Running 10S, TB6355 190kV motor, 16/36 gearing. Any other info that would help? Please let me know. Back to BLDC mode I guess… once I get this vesc fixed.

On another note, does anyone know or offer DRV chip replacments? I am near DC, prefer in the states, but will ship out if need be.


Running FOC after reading thousands of posts about huge possibily of drv error using FOC with 4.xx vesc is like telling kids not to run in stairs. Despite what you say they do it and and hurt themselves.

What kind of vesc was it? I guess the 4.12 from DIY or maytech…

There should be a general disclaimer to not run FOC on anything but Focboxes and VESC6 and derivatives. MAYBE maytechs. But absolutely not TB’s.

i think that has been said enaugh, even the sellers say that, but not in a way like it will blow up your vesc but in a way that its not the products fault but yours

They should at least take down the tutorial for running FOC.I’ts been shown that their ESC’s can’t handle it. Why give a keyway?

The title is too gold. :joy: @Jc06505n aggreed. Took my TB from that deceptive tutorial.

“What kind of vesc was it? I guess the 4.12 from DIY or maytech…”

It was a 4.12 from DIY

I have read of people swearing by only FOC from Vescs other than focbox, but alas I learned the hard way. I agree about the general disclaimer comment though.

On that note, does anyone recommend anyone/any service to replace the DRV? I have two replacement chips already ordered, but I don’t have the skill for replace it yet. Thanks in advance.


I’d like to chime in here as an eskate noob. I am in the process of parting together my first build, and I’ve been doing a ton of reading. I have two focboxes on their way, and I don’t want to blow one if I can prevent it, but FOC mode sounds great.

Regarding the warnings, should I be afraid of even trying FOC on my focboxes? I’ve reads posts of people blowing their DRVs and other issues on them as well, but it seems to happen a lot less than other 4.12 vescs from the number of posts on the subject.

I’d just like to be safe and have a reliable board, but it’s difficult to weight those desires with the desire to also have a smooth and quiet board running FOC.

Shipp them to @JohnnyMeduse - he´s the repair magician :wink:

Focbox, 10s and a motor with max 190kv is a good way to be safe :wink: Something can happen all the time, but that is a good standard recipe to be safe

After almost 2 years running BLDC, I was starting to get the itch to try FOC. After reading this post, the itch is gone.


@ThermalM16 also a good VESC repair. He was good with shipping to, fixed my TB VESC pretty quick. I’m currently using the repaired VESC with no problems.

@Namasaki I know what you mean. I be getting the itch to just to know what the fuss is about with FOC.

What iteration of firmware where you running? I am still tempted to run my Maytech’s in foc.

No no no no no. Maytech vescs are more unreliable then Tb vescs. Well at least they used to be, maybe tb has gotten worse

I assumed it was pretty common knowledge that you will run into problems on FOC with almost any of the 4.12 vescs with the acception of Ollin, FOCBOX etc.

I’ve been running dual maytech vescs in BLDC and never had any problems.

@JohnnyMeduse is the guy to speak to for DRV replacements.

@longboardshort depending on where you’re located you can ship to either me or Johnny. I’m located in Florida and he’s in southern Canada I believe. Either way you go, they run about the same price when you factor in you cost to ship it to either of us. I’m not sure if he’s swamped right now or not, but most of my repairs have been completed in a day or two.

@Namasaki you know you want to try it, just give in :joy:


@namasaki why don’t you buy a Focbox? It’s totally worth it, runing in FOC is like riding a brand new car, no weird sound and satisfying feeling, accelerations from a dead stop at extremely smooth. You won’t go back and will focboxes you won’t brake anything

I already have a lot invested in 4 Ollin Vescs. And I don’t mind driving an old car. Like my 1999 Toyota 4Runner


Sorry if this issue has been brought up a thousand times before… but what is it than Focboxes have that so vigorously prevents frying of the DRV?

Edit: Also pmed you @ThermalM16

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