FOC making weird clicking noises on startup

Running the motor config again i’ve noticed that the good motor spins straight upon lambda detection, the dodgy one stutters a bit before spinning up

I’ve seen this behavior before with two good motors, could just be manufacturing variances.

Ok cool, my remote has been seriously playing up today so i haven’t been able to test it much, but between the cutouts every 6 feet it certainly seems like it’s helped a lot, i’ll try and fix the remote tomorrow and let you know

Any developments?

If you can’t afford to break anything, you should never be running FOC

seems much better, my remote still isn’t helping me properly test it, but i think i’ve finally fixed the connection issues. it’s certainly not as prevalent as it was. Thanks again for all your help

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Any insights on which change seemed to help?

No i changed both at the same time, didn’t think to do them individually