FOC mode throttle problems

Okay so I just started using FOC mode on my Vesc and I noticed something odd. My motor RPM spins faster when I am at a lower throttle than when I am at a higher throttle according to the real time data graph. I am in current control mode.

I tested it using a different remote so it isn’t a remote issue.

I also tried using @Ackmaniac firmware, same issue.

Here are the images of the RPM graph below, the first one is when I am at full throttle and the second one is when I am at around 20% throttle.

Here are some other screenshots for those interested.

Same here, which vesc are you using?

I’m using the 4.12 Vesc with 2.18 firmware from

I assume this is on the bench since your motor current is under 3A? May have something to do with your Battery amps being higher than your Motor amps, but I am not the expert on this. @Ackmaniac?

i’m using a focbox, actually i did never feel that when ridding…weird!! in another setup i have this doesn’t happend in bldc, did you have this issue in bldc?

My TB VESC had quirks running FOC on 2.18. I’m now on 3.31 or 3.30 using the VESC tool and it seems to run much better than before.

Never had the issue in BLDC. Maybe it is a bug?

Both pics are at 95% duty. Throttle in current control doesnt work like most other esk8 brands. Throttle in current control controls acceleration NOT speed. So without a load even a tiny bit of throttle will ramp the motor up to full speed. The two pictures are essentially the same.

HOWEVER, there is a bit of weirdness with FOC on 2.xx software where sending more current at max duty will cause the motor to change in tone (and in this case lose ~1000erpm). I’m not exactly sure what causes it but the problem doesn’t exist in f/w 3.xx.

I’d recommend anyone using foc to use f/w 3.xx

Could you reply with a link to where I could find the 3.xx firmware?


Modified Ackmaniac: