FOC trying to get a better coast

Hi been using foc for a while it works great but I really like coasting with out power sometimes and I feel like foc slows me down when I let off the throttle. How do I fix this? Using the FOC box with hubs. In bldc i get a much better coast like as if I was on a regular skateboard. Also please post foc settings so I can try them out

Hello, are you using hubs or belt drive. I’m running foc too and I didn’t notice a difference between bldc and foc coasting once I switched over. Have you ran bldc before foc? Why do you think there is more drag if so? If I had to guess I would say that the only thing slowing you down is the belt or the belt being too tight. I could be wrong though and just didn’t notice. One other thing I can think of is if you are riding on air filled tires? Good luck and let us know

Edited. I just reread and seen that you are running hubs and did try bldc. I must have grabbed the decaf this morning. Still curious to find out what’s up though.

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Foc is great at coasting

-run loose belts with idlers -make sure you set your ppm center point and deadband properly

There will still be resistance if you run belts…but you can minimize it


sounds like you have a minor short in foc


Excuse my finglish. But what is coasting?


Freewheeling, coasting, using your kinetic potential, rolling without power. :slight_smile:


Guys I’m not using belt drive. And how do I tell if I have a short?

A minor short how do I fix that?

gotta test for one first. Unhook the motor from any lead and spin it by hand and see how long it rolls for, should be a second or so. Move the phase wires around and continue spinning and see if any position of the wires causes it to spin longer or shorter. If you have varying spin times, you have a short.

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Oh I figured it turns out my control mode was set to duty cycle that what was causing drag