FOC vs BLDC Debate

dont think there is a way to configure it wrong if you just count on the autodetection. only issue were the BLDC FOC switching issues.

my repaired vesc keeps up well in FOC now - probably got 500km on the clock and been abusing the drivetrain it a lot lately.

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Well, correct me if I am wrong. When we say FOC, we mean vector control, and it must be Sinusoidal wave. Its Sinusoidal wave on BLDC. In my understanding FOC on BLDC means control the current and only give high current when that current generate more torque (power in tangential velocity). And when the current generate no torque. I think when you say BLDC, you guys mean SQARE WAVE driven motors. Square wave give max current on all wires, no matter how little torque that current generates. And the ESC don’t care where the place of the spinner relative to the Pemenant magnetic. This way, a lot of useless current is flowing, more heat, more battery wasted. I am no expert, I do want to share with you guys and learn from you guys. kieran from Meepo Board

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Sinusidal ware (FOC) means supply less current in the wire, when current on flow in that wire generate much Radial force and little Tangential force. So, this way, the Tangential force is smaller in the FOC set up compared with other method (Square wave). Imaging a man pushing a desk. Sqare wave is like a man who push a desk NOT in horizental direction but still he use his max strength. FOC is like a man who only use max strength when he is push in direction horizental.

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I just tried FOC for the first time on my board. It’s an Arcboard converted deck to a TB 6374 motor and 16/36 ratio. It is really quiet and smooth at low speeds but after a certain amp rating/motor load, it seems to have this really loud jet engine noise kick in! It’s a sudden noise and sounds like a turbine. You can hear it more obviously at 0:16

I’m used to BLDC for my previous builds which is generally noisier all around. I’m wondering if this is due to configuration problem or is FOC supposed to sound like this? I have no other reference.

what f/w are you using? FOC on 3.xx f/w runs a lot better than 2.xx f/w so you might want to try to upgrade to that if you haven’t already.

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So far it’s 4.12 hardware and 2.18 firmware. Ok I’ll look into upgrading it

FOc, because why the FOC not?

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@Jinra I’ve been searching for a while and can’t seem to find the links for the latest firmware. Can you help me out?

So far all documentation I’ve found is from 2016/2015

I am only one here who thinks wtf?

FOC is Field-oriented-control and BLDC is Brushless DC electric motor


Just wondering if this is the way to upgrade the latest FW you suggested? @Jinra

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that sounds like grinding gears. little bldc gears. go foc 6.0

yes that is right

I think when folks say BLDC they actually mean Pulse-width modulation or PWM because of course both PWM and FOC are modes of controlling a BLDC motor

Is 6.0 open-source? I heard there is some information hidden.

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don’t know. when’s the six supposed to be more reasonably priced? or is it really worth it since we’ve got FOC in the 4. I understood implementing FOC was the vedder’s pet goal and it was achieved. Maybe he’s still seeking goals beyond what a board needs.

Thanks, i used the app. Updated FW and set up FOC, everything works beautifully. Thanks

I’ve noticed that using FOC mode on my board causes it to have ABS_OVER_CURRENT faults frequently, pulling up to 261 amps at times (according to the data displayed when I look at the faults on the computer). This causes my board to shutdown for a couple moments. In BLDC mode I never have this issue, and I find BLDC mode to be more responsive and predictable.

Has anyone else experienced this?

double your observer gain

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What does the Observer Gain do? Isn’t that supposed to be found through the motor detection?