Focbox: align your thermal pads, and threadlock screws

I’ve seen some talk about misaligned Focbox thermal pads on arrival. I think that anyone who receives a Focbox should open and align the thermal pad so that every FET has full contact. On both of mine, only three of the FETs were entirely in contact with the pad. This topic might not need a new thread, but I feel that it could lead to overheating issues if not fixed.

I can’t post photos now, because I already used threadlocker to secure the Focbox. That brings me to another point. Because the cooling method relies on a sandwiching the board between the heatsink and the cover, it seems that if the screws came loose, the FETs might disconnect from the thermal pad. I think it would be wise to use threadlocker on the three screws holding it together.

Please correct me if I’m paranoid and it’s a non-issue, and if threadlocking it is a bad idea.


Yep. This has been an ongoing this for a little bit.

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Thanks for the heads up I’m gona check all of my Focboxes.

Ahh. I think it might have been your post that made me check on my own focboxes. Thank you for showing us the issue!

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