Focbox cad models?

Recently decided to make a dual focbox heatsink for my WIP board. I’ve poked around before and came up dry. Now I’m going crazy, where in the world can I find a cad model of a focbox? Or even a heatsink for one? I just need some reference for the standoffs and location for heatsinking. Don’t currently have access to my focboxes for measurement.

I can’t possibly be the first person to look for this, so where did all you fancy DIY’ers find cad or reference drawings to model your cases off of?

Not much in 3d printing but maybe @Maxid or @mmaner might know a thing.

Planing to make a 3D print dual case too in the next time. which measurements you need exactly? I can have a look after work

I don’t have solidworks or focbox access at the moment, but this is a pic I did awhile back with mounting hole measurements. What other measurements do you need?



I was actually hoping to replace the heatsink that comes with the focbox, so the whole depth for the directfets and pcb hole layout

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I can send you my files in an hour or 2, PM me your email and let me know your preferred file type.

I’ve modeled my own. Hope the image below helps, not yet ready to share the full model.



Also interested in making a custom heatsink/housing. Has Enertion released any dumby PCB STP or IGES files?

AFAIK they’ve been very proprietary in that regard.

That’s a great help! Thanks so much. Is that height including the thermal pads?

And also @BoostedBuilder I’m very interested in that. PM’d

Nope, that is aluminum part only. You could extrude the square holding the pad for another 1-2mm further and use different/thinner pad.

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Do you have the file for this ?? Thanks!

I don’t give it out, @JLabs sells them and it was his idea. Im sure he will hook you up with one though if you PM him.

im looking at designing one up that encloses 2 focboxs with cooling fins. I have access to a cnc

Reviving this because I just uploaded an accurate model of the FOCBOX on GrabCad through a personal account. Modeled in Solidworks but other formats are available (STEP, STL, PRT, IGS)

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