Focbox compatibility

I have a single Focbox at the moment. I recently put together a @marcmt88 dual mount settup with dual 6374s.

While I wait for th Unity, is there a problem with using another esc as a slave?

I was looking at the HK 4.12 esc just because its cheapish and would be quick shipping.

well reliability may be an issue, not sure what experience people have had with HK 4.12’s on foc mode. Personally I wouldn’t. Have a pile of dead 4.12’s, just not the same. a poor man buys twice.

I would only be running them as bldc though so reliability should not be an issue.

More just can they work together.

I dont see why it wouldnt, especially if you run it as split ppm .

There may be issues with can, but they are both 4.12 based.