FOCBOX configuration help

Hi everyone

I’ve tried using the search feature but I can’t seem to locate a setup that resembles mine so I thought I’d make a post. I’m looking for help with the configuration of my FOCBOX. I’ll list my setup below:

I’m not sure what numbers I should use in the FOCBOX setup. I was hoping that someone else has a similar setup (or is clued up on this stuff) and can help me. I want to have good acceleration to help at traffic lights but also enough range to go on a nice long ride.

I’d really appreciate some pointers. I use the Vesc Project tool if that helps.

Thanks, Dan

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Why did you go with that big battery for a single drive? With that big battery will the vesc be the limit for single drive. 60A battery A and 68 motor A I would suggest.

My suggestion is to get 1 more motor and vesc then you could still set 60A battery A on both and 68A motor A for double power, the battery can still handle it. You will probely get 60-70km range with dual so thats problebly more then you need.

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Yeah @mackann is right I’m using a slightly bigger battery 12s8p on 4wd 6p is crazy big for a single motor

I’d do 60 battery amp and 80 motor amp that’s pretty much maxing out a 1wd system

he could be going for maximum range, rather than using 6p for amp draw

The reasons for the large battery is more range over speed and it’s “future proof”. I do plan on getting an additional motor to improve torque but for the most part I want to have great distance. But yes, eventually I’ll be having a dual setup (probably in a few months time).

Is the FOCBOX only rated to 60A? I don’t want to damage the FOCBOX but I want to get the most potential out of it!

I think their is ppl using up to 80A on it, but I would not go more then 60A on a focbox since thats max it rated for.

Okay that’s worth noting then I guess. Thanks!