Focbox confusion - Please help!

Hey Guys ,

           I took a took a new focbox from from the i got it im face problem, my motor is not moving at all i searched every were on YouTube and did  all  as per  video said to do yet facing problem,

after some days i brought a new ESC from amazon n wen i started the ESC it worked flawless for battery im using benchtype power supply at 42v and it has a amp lemet of 10Ah plz help need to get my project done

Trust me, there are plenty of people that can and are willing to help you that are on this forum - however your formatting is a little hard to read, so I’m gonna clean up the thread a bit:

He can’t seem to figure out how to work a Focbox, so he bought a cheap ESC and that’s working but he’d like to get the focbox working.

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focbox # vesc-x isn’t working my motor is not moving(spinning) in terminal i’m not getting any faults

screenshot every tab from vesc softwere and upload. thats the start.

yup just a moment

Go throught these, I think you can’t do anything wrong then. :slight_smile:

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

Those are the Default parameter… DID you run a motor detection… FOCBOX aren’t plug and play device

ya i just ran it on default is it a problem

Yeah it could burn the DRV of the FOCBOX or blow some mosfet

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OMG thank u for trrelling

can u plz help how to make it work

Lots of things wrong here. Motor detection failed. You didn’t do a motor detection. No app setup. You didn’t setup the receiver Max current ramp step doesn’t show. CLICK READ SETTINGS FIRST, then screenshot it. You’ve got a overcurrent error. Are you using battery or a power supply?

You didn’t even setup the focbox. Follow the guide and report back if you have a problem. Watch the video.

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yes Mr. RedEagle ill do as u say

its a bench type power supply

It look like you have a lot of catching up to do, please read this thread first:

EDIT: Keep in mind that if it doesn’t work, it could be because you’ve already damage it.


You’ve got to do this everytime in every tab otherwise it just shows inaccurate settings.

yes Mr. Johnny illread its :blush

o i get it :blush:

did you smell anything funny when powered it up? could open box and send some quality pic of PCB to see if any obvious signs of damage.

otherwise yes, do as instructed by @JohnnyMeduse & @RedEagle read, read, read.