Focbox died during hard acceleration, won't power on using anti-spark, unplugged and replugged xt-90 connecting antispark now it works

Hey guys, curious if anyone has run into this issue I had just now. I was riding my board, I went full throttle then it died. Turning it on and off using the power switch didn’t do anything. When I opened it up, I tried turning it on and off again using my anti spark switch. I heard a high pitched whirring/whine sound and I see that the focboxes are just blinking blue. I unplugged and re-plugged my xt-90 and suddenly the board works properly again.

Super weird.

reboot helps, that´s good! What your settings? Maybe your bat max was too high and the focbox cut out?

I have a 60 amp bms and I set the batt max to 35a each vesc (dual setup). That’s probably it but I’ll have to do some more testing. Weird that it wouldn’t power on unless I replug the xt-90s though.

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I had similar issues, turned out the xt90s didn’t make full contact any more. Spreaded the xt90 contacts a bit and everything was fine ever since :slight_smile:

Hey guys, it happened again, but this time it was during fairly weak acceleration. I think my BMS is broken. Here’s a video of what it looks like (you’ll have to crank the volume up to hear the high pitched noise):