Focbox Evolve upgrade question

Looking to upgrade my Evolve GTX with Focboxes. Other than the obvious better hardware would I get any performance gains, faster ? I’ve already upgraded the battery to a 10s4p Samsung pack. Other than a remote, what else will I need ? Thanks

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Wouldn’t be any faster, you would have to change voltage or gearing to do that. You may have slightly more power…not sure how much the standard evolve esc can output.

I believe it’s 60a

IN which case I don’t think the motors are rated any higher so it wouldn’t impact the power at all

Get yourself some new motors. Those preinstalled motors are weak


Are you using the evolve bms?

Yes I’m still using the evolve BMS with my 10s4p I made

Is it charge only?

Get one of these

Other than a remote, you will need some way to switch the power on/off if you are using focboxes. The new Unity has integrated power switch so disregard if you were planning on using one of those.

Ordered the following to “evolve” my gtx, should arrive this weekend !

Focbox x 2 Bestech BMS w/ eswitch Enertion nano-x

Plan is to use the evolve motors for now until I can afford to upgrade the mounts and motors. Any suggestions on motors ? I mostly use my 7” or 8” AT wheels. Currently max out at 24mph with the 8” wheels. I’d be nice to gain a little more speed.

Also need to wait for the focbox evolve heat sink or try and modify the original one.

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You will feel some slight performance gain due to the 30Q cells. When I did my upgrade i noticed that the 30q’s sagged less, which resulted in a little more power(enough to feel and get you a few MPH). A few things you can do to gain more performance during your upgrade:

1.) Up your focbox battery limit to 40A each(80A total on dual), then you will really feel the difference. Just know that pushings the 30Q’s to 20A each will effect their life cycle and you are pushing them to their absolute limit.

2.) Get the racerstar 200kv 5065 motors and you will see a huge boost in top end speed. You will lose a little torque, but you will gain it back with the extra 20A you are getting from upping your battery amps.

I know some people suggest the heat sink, but I have been running 85 battery amps for thousands of miles and my focboxes barely get warm or even hot to the touch. And they are in enclosed box with little air flow. Iv’e even run 100 battery amps for a few hundred miles with zero issues due to heat. It’s just not required.

Thanks for the focbox amp tip , I wasn’t thinking about that. I’ll look into the racerstar motors , at least I wouldn’t need new motor mounts.
Good to know about the heat sink. I’ll try to see if the evolve one can be modified otherwise that gives me some comfort. Thanks for the help !

Do you run FOC or bldc? Sensored or not

I recommend the Unik 63mm motor plates for the evolve by @okp they are solid and look nice.


I got used to my other board with 6374 and forgot how strong 6355s are. I did a 17mile ride on Tuesday and at the end of the ride I was surprised to see my motors were cool to the touch.


@PickSix24 No problem, good luck. They are nice cause they bolt right in, and are cheap to replace. I keep an extra in my back with a pulley attached and bullets soldered onto it so I can quick swap it incase one goes out. The old Evolve ESC is limited to 65A, So you will feel it for sure.

@Trdolan03 BLDC sensorless(for reliability). Sensorless BLDC at 10s is pretty bulletproof now days.

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I am running 12s sensored BLDC and can’t keep my temp under control on my FOC box

I think it depends a lot on how you ride. I do a lot of commuting, so im not constantly blasting up hills drawing 80A. Does the heat sync have access to fresh air(the stock heat syncs)?

EDIT: dual motor setup?

Yes the stock esc mounts to an aluminum plate which is mounted in a hole in the enclosure

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