Focbox factory mishap?

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still, you’re using 4WD splitting up that load on 4 motors, i think you do not weight that much? 170lbs at max?

so drawing about 60 amps max would be split up to 15 amps per 1 motor, no way your fets overheat. this is just a estimate from me

so, i had the same thing my vesc shortet b/c of street debris from no protection against dust. you will likely get some metal parts inside your enclosure, i sometimes see metal parts on my motors. so i would say get some compressed air, blow your 3 vesc, and seal them.

My battery doesn’t pull 60 amps buddy that would be a joke, 120 amps(12s6p 30q BMS bypassed ) is what it pulls with each vesc at 32 bat 65amps on motors Anyways I just Want clarify am not attacking enertion or anything just wanted to know what was wrong and if my hypothesis was right. Also the vesc that died was in the back so it could have bin debris but I dout it. I will take a look at my other vescs and clean them ty for the advice

just to clarify this, you will never ever draw more than 60-80 amps continuous from your battery, i dont know why people always think this. do you have a metr software or a telemetry data logger?

i never talked about the maximum you can draw from your battery (from where should i know), i made a estimated amount of drawing amps when youre on your way to school and getting up that hill. you will never ever draw 65 amps per vesc CONTINUOUSLY this is just the peak value.

well i misread, that are your settings yes, this is a software LIMIT and the maximum value you set up. this does not mean youre pulling always this high amount of power from your bat or deliver to your motor.

it really doesnt matter how big your battery is because your splitting up the power on 4 motors, this just means it can deliver 6*20A = 120 amps, yes.

not even mine pulls that much and i weigh about 200 pounds and can easily getting up some steep hills with dual drive.

Don’t you need the crush of a silicone pad if it’s important you can swap it out for better rated GPU pad of the same thickness

I agree with most of what you’ve said… but pulling 100+ amps from a battery is pretty easy to do. Start from a stand still and floor it up a hill…(a steep hill not a bitch hill)

Plus his amp limit is really 32a per esc… so up a hill as duty increases hell just max the battery amps… but still 32 battery amp is chump change for the focbox…

yes sure, you’re totally right! but that is not what i meant.

imagine having a 4wd board. now doing a start with maximum acceleration 0 - 40kph. this is what happens:

BAT amps will spike to lets say 120 AMPS

getting divided to 4 Focboxes

means every focbox getting about 30 Amps

i think a focbox can handle 32 amps (this is maximum power he can get with this board) continuously with ease while not getting overheatet.

so in this conclusion, the burnt drv is not from overheating because pulling to much amps.

Yep I completely agree with all of that…

But it definitely is possible to pull what your battmax is in lower rpms as it’s really in efficient (0-70% efficiency). So what ever your batt max is setup for if you give it full throttle up a hill, provided you don’t overheat. You will pull your battmax.

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absolutely correct. thank you for your informations.

this conclusion leads me to let @Exiledd_Top clean his vescs and get a good dust sealing for his focboxes. because this metal debris from the street will likely induce a short, just think of a little splinter got on the drv pins - boom fried!

this is no recommendation to not remove the plastic foil of the focbox. mostly this will be a PE-LD foil which has a very low thermal conductivity of k=0.1 - 0.4 W/mK, but since the foil is very thin it is likely that it wont isolate the heat on the fets, which means it will isolate a defined amount of heat but not everything. the focboxes also have limits for the temperature which means if the mosfet temp is reached the focbox will likely shut down.

Did you check with @longhairedboy? I thought he had some. Also check with @JohnnyMeduse, he can repairs your dead in and may have some to sell.

He’s on backorder, trying to buy, two day shipping type of thing and be up and running within like wensday, fixing it will take 1-2 weeks which I will do but need another one you know lol.

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I can dig it, been there myself. If I had an extra I’d send it your way. I’ll look around see what I have, may have something.

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Send me the defective one I will repair it !

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Someone already offered to repair it. Its okay the repairing part rn is not the issue is getting a new one within 4 days and then repairing it the old one.

you want a chaka vesc? it’s got no heatsink but runs like a dream

I also just got 2 focbox and after reading this I instantly went to checked to and see if tape was removed.

Were u located


i can ship tomorrow

I might be able to spare one. I’ll PM you.


@Exiledd_Top sorry to hear about the bad luck with your FOCBOX. It looks like Enertion has assigned me to your case. I have all of the parts in stock for the repair, so I’m going to try to have it repaired and on its way back to you within day or so of receiving it.