Focbox fire: completely my fault

So I was setting it up in the bldc software. Then I had put in some settings and every time I would put the motor on full throttle instantly, it would jolt and the fault light would quickly come up on the vesc. This was only after I had put it in foc mode. I tried to change it back but I had accidentally put it in DC mode and when I pushed the throttle, I saw a spark and flames started coming out of it. The battery cable now looks intact and the three wires got so hot that the solder melted off, I think they melted because of the fire.

Can someone be kind enough to help me through the bldc tool setup process. My battery is a 6s4p from DIY electric and my motor is a 3100w 260Kv from DIY electric. What settings do I use. I have a nano X remote and I want two speed modes as well as a gradual acceleration and braking curve. Thanks a lot! Elliot

Everything you need to know for setting up standard BLDC settings are in the “NEW VESC USERS READ THIS” post!