Focbox, Firmware, and BLDC

I’ve been away for a while waiting on new hardware. Got a Focbox and had a couple of questions that I haven’t found answers to.

  1. What rev is the firmware and where can I download it?
  2. Does Ackmaniac’s firmware work? I noticed that the bluetooth was stopping motor/remote detection???
  3. Does the new BLDC-Tool support the Focbox?
  4. The current BLDC tool says it is HW 4.8, really?


If you have a focbox it should be reading as 4.12 hardware.

The latest ack firmware is 3.100

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Thanks @Deckoz. I found that out the hard way. I inadvertently loaded 4.8 firmware. I blown like 8 fuses trying to diagnose. Just got it figured out when you posted.

Where do I find 3.100 firmware? Is this Ack’s? I can only find 2.54 which messes with my remote somehow.

Here you go

Thanks @RedEagle. I’ve downloaded it but don’t seem to see any firmware in the files. Am I missing something?

You click on public files then into bldc folder and u will realize that there’s 3 bldcs for 3 different OS and then the last one is the firmware mod

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Download the bldc tool and update the firmware on your vesc. The firmware comes bundled in the bldc tool.

I didn’t know that lol wat for me I had to Download the mod separately

The 2.54 one? Or 3.1?

Before 3.1 came out

when updating firmware, has the canbus connection to be unplugged?

I think it’s possible with can bus connected. Nonetheless, I would unplug it just to be safe.

i just cant find the post i was looking for, there is a possibility to fry your DRV/CAN Chips when using CANBUS and the cable is not connected, was it when powering on the vescs not at the same time?

want to update but do not really know right now how to. just unplug can bus cable and do it for every vesc?

I’d update the vesc individually honestly to be safe

If you don’t power on the vescs simultaneously there will be a voltage difference and one can bus will leech power from the other. That’ll result in a fried can chip and possibly drv too.


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Interesting. I’ve got the 3.1 firmware loaded but my motor now fails on detection. It does turn while attempting to figure things out. This worked on 2.18. Any thoughts?

What vesc & motor are you using? BLDC? FOC? Is there any load connected to the shaft?(belt, pulleys)

Make sure you choose the correct VESC hardware version for the firmware. Click on thread below.

I’m running:

-Focbox 4.12, firmware 3.1 -Sk3 6364 245kv -8s4p battery -Configured via BLDC with NO load

I if you ran the motor while firmware for hardware 4.8 was flashed, something is likely dead.